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Days power. But how about this drawing accuracy? Now you caught stage. Whatever you want I just call eight zero zero. I believe that. Yeah why not? It seems impossible to do not know who was it. Khloe Kardashian is that what Khloe looks like that. Roger Mashing Oh is that right now. It's like we can't even be shocked if rob gray dashing. Smaller Asian small blurb on my radar if that was rob code dash in thrice. Let's get for him. I'll buy socks what else you don't. It is sold. The Real Khloe Kardashian experiments and then they put in his new one. We got. That's it that's it we did it do. I'd said thanks for having me Dude. Thanks very cold on Tim. Dillard show on Youtube. Please subscribe fight. The power fight tech Censorship and by subscribing to my channel and by my merge that is the most important way to fight. It is really is. I mean. That's just what it is. GonNa think you know you gotta do the shows with us in. Yeah I'M GONNA do it if you're legit down. I'll do it no doubt okay awesome. Thank you everyone June eleventh through thirteenth. Yeah Phoenix June. Eleven through thirteen. You get enough flying him. D- You're gangster all right all right. Dr. I might drive hours. Oh he knows four cars. You know melt now it gets real hot so. I think it'd be nice. Be Nice desert drive though I like driving myself. I like try next. Desert drive time from Los Angeles Phoenix. Yes yeah I think you'd be you'd be you'd be surprised. Yeah no pun. Intended my special five dollars asked. You're not that's not taking you. Five and a half four forty five or four forty five there well. Yes students be limited. You get there under five hundred. I'm not mad at that now. I like that going plane. Getting all gross stopped launch. Have some lunch in the desert two and a half stop lunch desert the two and a half year there leave early in the early two hundred miles to get to the mounds of pumps rings. Yeah Dude I mean I think that better than getting on a flight. That's smart. Do want to get on a flight to just Kinda back this. You think I'm GONNA do in. Houston my drive there. I think my brother fly to La and we'll drive from La to Phoenix. I think Jerry driving of did I think you're right. Yeah that's GonNa be a great show. Yeah Tim Villains Join US in Phoenix Eleventh Through Thirteenth Ryan. Tim and me in Phoenix. Stand-up live than spokane. Is June twenty fifth or twenty seven twenty seventh the first ever inaugural stick boys? Bike Club meeting if you want in on that we got over two hundred riders. On how we're GONNA do it but boy ride at gmail.com and then in Salt Lake City. A wiseguy stand up. July sixteenth through the eighteenth also eighteenth is. When we're doing the boys ride also email fiqh boy right at GMAIL DOT COM to sign up for the right in Utah. Tim Thanks for coming in and keep brother. This is the fighter in the Tim route. Look CBD oil dude. It's out there. Everyone's still I don't know what to do with it. Oh man it good is this. Is this really what science it says? It's very good very good. And we know that but then it's also the wild wild west and some. You don't know what you're getting but you do know when you get pure spectrum. Cb De oil wells do no and if you want the most pure organic you want what are taking out of your team. Ufc guys.

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