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A device that lets you do away with that painful finger prick glucose test it's a patch you wear anywhere on your body that measures glucose levels without having to puncture the skin doctor adalina ellie is lead researcher at the university of bath basically drawing the glucose sue individual have fully coast because these are the presidential possibly for glucose when you apply electric field through the skin nothing the scheme but glucose is being thrown through headphones because these are being addressed excess individually and an imagine individually by individual sensors sensors that then wirelessly transmit to a monitor readings are taken every ten to fifteen minutes researchers tested on pigskin and on healthy human volunteers now comes refining design so we can last a full twenty four hours and then try it out on both diabetics and non diabetics alike hall kcbs well billions of americans regularly take vitamins da dah decades of scientific research has failed to prove that these capsules and tablets do anything to improve our health kcbs is rebecca corral takes a look at the latest assessments of our addiction to vitamins and minerals we spend billions on our daily dose of contrite and glucose amino fish oil multivitamins various herbal formulations minerals alas we know that taking a multi vitamin mineral supplement doesn't necessarily mean that's going to increase your life back on allow you to live longer we have research of that not to joan sal g blake clinical professor of health scientists and nutrition at boston university says while some people could benefit from a supplement it simply cannot replace a healthy diet is not just nutrients that you need but we actually need a healthy diet because the basics nutrients goofy abbadi tb skin healthy help your immune system but we also not a well balanced i also decrease your risk of heart disease certain cancers stroke and type two diabetes which is for the seven top leading causes of death in the united states appeal is not going to do that and in fact overdoing some vitamins could damage your body dr blake recommends you see a licensed dietician who can work with you to make sure you're eating exactly what you need to maintain your health rebecca.

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