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Right. Sportscenter right now, Montani Collins, the Astros have activated closer over those sooner from the restricted list. Huston trading for the Blue Jays closer dominated headlines last week because at the time the Twenty-three-year-old was still serving a seventy five game suspension under MLB domestic violence policy or sooner who faces a September. Fifth, coordinate date address and team on Sunday according to players will soon. Apologize for destruction is domestic assault charge has caused. He told his new teammates how grateful he is to get another opportunity to pitch and to do so with the defending World Series champions joining an Astros bullpen that has the best era in the majors this season. Just the head of the Diamondbacks and Yankees and Houston has been nearly unhittable in the last week. The Astros pen hasn't a lot of single run their last seven games. The Astros book complete their west coast thing with two against the giants starting tonight before they had home to face. The Mariners. Now let's get you back to I face. Thank you. Wanna, Tony. All right. So after completing his seventy five game suspension for violating major league baseball, domestic violence policy newly-acquired closer Roberto sooner met with his Astros teammates in a closed-door meeting, and obviously we know his teammate. Justin Burland had been very outspoken on domestic violence and this subject, and apparently they had a zero tolerance policy, but but still added him to the team. What's your reaction to their meeting. Stephen a. brought this up. We've been talking about it. That in there seems to be a different reaction to this depending on the sport you play. Stephen f. you'd like to start. I'd like to start. Let me get right to it. I have no problem with major league baseball there. Obviously. Catching up with the tops, and they are addressing this the way that it should be addressed. Seventy five games suspension speaks for itself. I don't have that big of a problem with the Houston Astros obviously, if you're Lander and others, you would think that they would have the Khanna cash, a widow Houston, Astros as an organization, the reigning defending World Series champions would pay attention to the guys that actually helped deliver it. And because they're strong and the kids against domestique violence, this is something that the Houston Astros as an organization would have liked to have not participated in by bringing him on board from the Blue Jays. My biggest issue is with the public. If this were an NBA or an NFL player, everyone would be in an uproar. They'd be calling for dudes careers to be old. They would sit there and say, they have no place in the league is a privilege to play this sport. You don't belong in here. We don't want you here. My suspension is not good enough. I'm not saying it would actually happen, which is wound up wanting to the league, and I'm not pointing to. The team per se. I'm talking about the public so you. He doesn't wanna problem. When we sit here and we talk about something the president has done or folks reaction to the president or the times that we're living in what have you, but we forget to hold ourselves accountable in this country. If this were a National Football League play on National Basketball coach and player, people would be calling for their careers to be over if it, here's a ring from you saying that that you're saying that the NBA's predominantly black, the NFL. Yeah, that's what you are in fact. Yeah. Yes, because I think I hear what you're saying, oh, sooner by the way is the public is twenty three years, right? He's an excellent reliever. He was an all star last year. He has an era for his career. Now going on his fourth season under three, he has a whip walks in hits innings pitched under one. That's right. This was a very good release so we can help the team, right? See they need them. It's funny. You may be right about the about the overlapping with race here, but maybe it's even causal. It's not just correlated with it, but I'll say this search. It's odd the way this happens. Some sports. You get away with some stuff you shouldn't more than others. For example, PD's. If you get caught juicing and baseball raise with you, people are in such an uproar. They can't believe it isn't even football. And by the way in baseball, you're not really physically hurting anybody in football. You could kill somebody, but certainly add to their physical maladies they'll have after their career, it's legitimately dangerous and one cares you get suspended for p these four game, you serve a four-game suspension. No one even never brings it up again, hardly compared to baseball. In other words, somehow you can get away with juicing and football, but not in baseball, and it's more dangerous football than baseball. There have been lots of incidents of this in may. League baseball, I think. And in football more than in the NBA it seems I think that has to do with the size of the roster. Do you think talents trumping integrity here? Racial? Is that is that where you're? Yes, I think it's much. It's not that it's, it's that the that for whatever reason and we could analyze and these baseball you've seem this seems to be not the focus of the way it is in fence, all of trying to say and then t that's the whole point. I'm not inferring that major league baseball did it. I'm not in affirmative. The Astros did it. I'm simply talking about Joe public, the level of attention. Listen, you let. Let let let a couple of brothers getting a fight on the football field on the basketball court. What's the matter that the factory? I mean, we've got to do something about there's what did they find in hockey, hey, they fight in baseball or they'll handle it themselves. There's a stand himself, some self police. Let me ask you quick. Females were fired up. I can't speak to their. Again, I'm only talking about the public. I'm not saying it's non existent I've seen. I don't hear it enough. I gotta be gotta look like HOGAN looking to put my finger on my in my hands, somebody Allen Iverson. Let me hear it because I don't hear it. Why didn't you. I hear you say it may be related to race. Why do you think I can take another issue like PD's and we can't even remember which players got suspended in the NFL for PD's and served this suspension. Show cares what in baseball McGuire. So getting into the hall of fame the sport is cherished and individual cheating. That buffers, those numbers is an offense to America's national pastime interest. That's why it's standard. And I just want to say this and remind you that Astros had zero tolerance policy against stick by zero. Is it business? Don't even institute the policy. Korea that a quick because you know, people don't come up being. They're gonna be like us even raises. Raises them right now, we sit on this show and every other show calling out black athletes every day. I don't hear those calls then. Rallied from runs down in the nineteen complete before games for the Yankees and extend the AL veasley to nine and a half games. Forty two allies. Only three teams have failed to finish in first place after leading by nine and a half or more games than August or later max. You want to start. Okay. Are the Yankees done in the AL. I told you that last week when it was down five and a half games. Now they got swept. It's a wrap. They only got two pitcher Severino it's not going. I don't trust neither of them at Fenway park. It's a wrap because Boston won't lose and the Yankees. Well. The little faith should roll the clip wills to take a nineteen seventy eight and the Yankees on this date. We're eight and a half back in the came back, win the AL east Stephen a Smith. So that was eight and a half. This is nine and a half records are meant to be broken a specially because when Gary Sanchez and Aaron judge comeback, maybe their two best players, things will be different. The Yankees. We'll have to make up six games before their final three-game series against Boston. At the end of the season, it won't route granted say, it will happen here bag shells. I wish they only got two pitches by the way, seeing Jonathan hold the come in last night sick and to be new to the challenge as you can go to the bullpen in the third inning, and they got Hella five. Hello, five, not against Boston. It'd be great segment idea. I think we maxed of offset all the size sending the balls. Boss, he'll in Boston. Yes, you're despicable Sierra fan, favourite disgusted with right now, very discussed. We cover a lot of ground today guys. Those fun and went by fast for me or anything. I was praying for dawn Christians. The old place in Cape Cod used to hook us up. Bye guys. Thanks much. We'll sing to the podcast gets I ate weekdays, ten AM eastern on ESPN also tune in Labor Day. September. Third, as I take moves to NYC.

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