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Tires and fuel Last number. 2 85 Ryan Blaney is in getting service. Here comes Ryan Priest He's going to make Pitstop, As does Timmy Hill. More cars begin to slow down over going into turn number three and make that difficult transition down to pit lane at pit road speed is Kevin Harvick now comes in And Winston Kelly. We're watching Chase Elliott come to pit road now. Chase. Elliott has rebounded nicely from having some grip problems. When the sun started going down. He's getting four tires and Yoko Villa very smooth. Stop. Don't say any wrench is going in that car. A lot of additional pit boards around We see his teammate crew is out on pit road. That would be way Byron. Here comes Chris pusher. He's gonna get four tires. Here comes the Erica Merola car. He's got paint scheme reminiscent of one that Fireball Roberts ran back in the 19 fifties. One of our holiday fingers. It's gonna be four tires and Sunoco fuel for Erica Merola. Here comes Williams Baron on lap 2 88 to get complete service for myth proves well. Pit stops under the green flag conditions is We have half of the field. It seems like you've already come in other half Rusty Wallace continued to circulate under the green flag. Yeah, they really don't.

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