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Ah, Dana show. I'm sorry. Actually, I'm not sorry. Not sorry. You do shows that I turned down and motor to speak to you. You would be very impressed with yourself data that I could tell you delivering the truth. Are you a citizen? Or are you a subject Because I'm a citizen, And I last whatever question I want to whenever I want to. If your subject you go on and you be a subject I'm a citizen, Dana show I'm disgusted. I'm disgusted Griff. Look so far this year CBP just CBP alone. We've lost 10 personnel tent in the line of duty and for her to refer So those men win his stormtroopers. That is that is it It's absolutely disgusting, and it goes right to heart because I know the character and I know there's been a women. They're sacrificing so much and when their political leaders are using disparaging terms like that, it's just reckless and it's untrue. These air professional civil law enforcement Individuals that are out there doing their job protecting this. Great. Preach it, brother Preach that man alive. You know, I have never heard. I've never seen Marc Morgan. That animated How are you? Friends? This is the Dana Show. Yeah, That's right. I'm not Dana. I'm Sergio. And this is her Southern command. I'm right here just north of the U. S. Mexican border. Blessed Saul use a Texas is a double blessing from her proud affiliated Kur V. Radio South Texas. I'm Sergio Sanchez in for our friend Dana. Get some rest my friend today tomorrow, maybe Monday. I'll tell you what if the poop hits the fan, I'm expecting our commander to take over the helm. In the meantime, we're gonna catch up with today's news. Mark Morgan, CBP Commissioner Madeline And I've done some.

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