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Were hammered more than that. I was hammered a lot. I remember once we went to Washington DC, I wasn't on that trip to do a roast with Tim, Tim russert. Yeah. And I sat with James Carville and we got drunk, drinking wild Turkey all night long. And of course, I was even the sys- thing with that you came flew back went to the station and all night, long, roaming. The hallways of wwl job. I remember the Boston shows would always get there. Go right to the bar, and Mike, barnicle will be sitting them here for trader and Doris Kearns Goodwin. And her wacky husband, of course, and Robin, from the from the Ritz, the guy who actually yet Robin. What the hell was? His name is a great guy. England. Right. And they don't be sitting in the bar at the hotel. And that's how the Larry Kenney. That's how cold only the piano. Give me started. Larry Kenney he was the worst influence wars. But I never had such a good time as I had with Larry. Kennedy was great. One eight hundred eight four eight WABC one eight hundred eight four eight ninety two twenty two he's a mainstay a staple on Monday morning lineup from the national review. The editor rich Lowry joins bony. Instead of this. Not afraid. Me. And sit in the morning. Seven ABC folks people who frequently consumed green leafy vegetables sent to have better memories, as they age green leafy vegetables, a good PM.

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