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It's got, actually I think a modified a modified IndyCar engine of sorts or maybe an modified MCI engine of sorts in it. I don't know. It's something that was like in their road racing or IndyCar programs, and they developed it for a seventy two hundred six cylinder high strung. Got us to quench gearbox in it. I think Ross is gonna take this thing like. You know, I, it's going to be. I think he's going to be a rocket. I know there's there's some photos out video. I think that if you follow the right accounts cycled through social media, but Rossi definitely. The dude has. Been out testing. It seems and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens at the ball and thousands year. I mean, you know, he joins a list of Indy five hundred former Indy five hundred champs that have raised bottle, have the full list off hand. I think Ryan hundred as done in the past trying to think, obviously, Parnelli Jones. There's some amazing drivers that have, you know, oh, man, see, and I get mixed up on who's actually won the Indy five hundred and what IndyCar drivers have racing off road because I mean guys like Paul, Tracy, who arguably won the Indy five hundred. He was kinda screwed out of that one. He's raced off road before the Graaf brothers. I remember one mardi fee Ohka and it had was it Robbie Groff and his brother they, they teamed up and raised a class one car invested as 'art and in score they been involved. I mean, gosh, the list goes on. I mean, Rick Mears. How? How do you not talk about the MIR's family? I mean, Rick Mears. One of the greatest IndyCar drivers ever and Rick Mears. Gotta start an offroad and was was dominant in offroad before moving to IndyCar. So Rick Mears, you wanna talk about guys like Jimmy Johnson and Robby Gordon made the transition Rick Mears. He was the dude, right? He. Was the first one there ever to? I don't wanna say the first one ever. 'cause obviously at Parnell Jones, you know, he was more IndyCar and then transition to off-road later in his career. So you know? So I guess Parnelli did it backwards. You know, like I think offroad was kinda swan swansong. You know..

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