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Calling from Menlo Park Wendy welcome to KGO hi it is a tragedy and I have been advocating magnetometer is all over the place I know you have to pick your battles and it's really difficult to try to figure out how to get all the guns off the street and out of the hands as people that shouldn't have them for that one saying I can go on coterminous CJ getting this explain what what what is what is my number but it's like when you go to court or you go to the airport the picture back pass through and it would prevent any type of weapons Fran and entering that campus so they would obviously require having consolidated entrances but I've written a sad I think it would be great for the sales as nine nominators answer this survey thing as those devices and for and he said and as machines now I I think that's a great idea you've written up would you send me a copy of what you written sure yeah I wrote it I sent it into our governor that you senators and to the White House I want you to send to me and we're gonna talk about that you have my email all right again good then I will expected and make sure you include your phone number on the email it'll just between you and me okay okay when the thank you so much what a great idea this just came in from Tim John I'm a special education teacher in a hundred and ten year old elementary school our building is locked if the front doors are open to you there are inner doors I think of these as Vicki soda doors we can lock our classroom doors from the inside a benefit from the rentals I a high school shooting we have a lockdown drills we know how to barricade our doors my assistant knows she needs to cover in a closet with our kids in a shooting while I deal with him or her he's not gonna get to my kids what can we do if you're a gun owner and someone tells you about their son and says I'm thinking about buying a gun I think about shooting with him you say no and explain why if it's so sad he says Sabit Kip Kinkel Statham Adam Lanza's mom did not receive advice I appreciate the sentiment stem what what bothers me is there's nothing for proof but doing nothing I tell you the previous caller twenty I like her idea I don't sectors maybe that is a start but you know what's sad every time a kid walks into school you have to think just maybe just maybe it might happen to me and that was the point of the teacher from seven thirty to you never expected to happen to you I listened on another network to a young woman from Santa Cruz said I appreciate the second amendment but I also appreciate my right to life interesting juxtaposition four one five eight zero eight zero eight ten John Rothman right here on KGO.

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