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The latest let's see if there's leaks out of those conferences numbered zoo russia don jr but i hillary clinton story emerges how he'll resisted the begins kiac secretary of state carry went crazy with congress when they passed it how many of you have linked to bill clinton's 500000 our speech in russia why not her heard this story will turns out wikileaks revealed that a braggart on hillary clinton's camp was seen the bloomberg had the story and that person successfully killed the story who's tough on russia and whose easy number want healthcare down for the count as i mentioned some defections on the republican side when they could only have two they already lost collins already laws rand paul and then added nowhere senator lee at center moran say count me out really how embarrassing the president sitting down for dinner with senator through senator shelby center lankford senator danes cornyn blunt and alexander and they're talking about strategies of getting this boded how to make the bill better down the line and all of a sudden these these releases come out shows mitch mcconnell has no control eggshells they have no problem baresi the president are they crazy he may not be the guy that you knew a grew up with what the pa so political science class with but he's your president think about prison hillary clinton so i i don't believe this makes the prison look bad it doesn't make him look good but noone thought he had a plan and if he walked in with a plan and said to paul ryan pass this is it the mitch mcconnell pass this they would have taken nine seconds to rip it up so when i talk about celebrate glistening governor terry mcauliffe cut one today is a great day the politics is done they cannot get this throw let's go back and do what we should have done day one is fix of things on generic drugs as you mentioned there are things we can do when one gets released from hospital to bundle services cost savings there are a lot of things we can do.

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