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Like elliott. He's like like braces. Always talking about black with the cross the line at us where you're going to see my show definitely not politically correct. All i crossed the line many times and offend a well. Let's fucking problem. You have those sense of humor of ways accompany show. I'm not saying in In the mad way have fun. Well we're gonna come close to an end soon. Just because sometimes i feel like they're they both on politics bob before we do that Thank you to everyone watching. My cousins are watching this. I see them commenting on. There's one thing. I i big shots and my boy elect someone who is a fan of yours and i believe he's watching as well. So could you just say hi alexa. Please less electrical alex. He's my very good friend and he's a huge fan. Okay listen so at lowes lounge. Which by the way everyone. This is actually being recorded. You guys can't see though but it is being recorded for my podcast. Show low's announced podcast. Which is available everywhere. I don't wanna sound like such a You know that the plug. We always play a game on tonio and it's a one word association game simple so i wanna give you several one word you know and then you just tell me the first word that comes to your mind and mutual. The first thing that comes to your mind. Let.

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