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Now, Dan where you a teenage mutant ninja action figure. I was indeed. Yes, did you have a favorite ninja? Turtle Donatello Donatella. The teenage mutant ninja turtles rose to fame on the back of a massively popular animated series about Woody crimefighters with a passion for New York pizza. By the time. They're nineteen ninety live action movie dropped the turtles head utterly conquered, the youth market with bestselling toys and box office numbers to show for it. It's just such a weird concept. Yeah. You know, you look back and go how did that? How did that become a thing? How did the who came up with that idea? Yeah. They live. They live in the sewer right there. They're they're turtles there giant turtles. They know ninja. They're like ninja. They know, you know, martial art renaissance painters. Yeah. Named after Iraq. Yeah. Weird. And they like pizza pizza. Nineteen Ninety-three was the super soaker originally estimated ten dollars to fifty dollars fifty dollars. You're going to spend fifty dollars on a super soaker. Get a hose. When not helping NASA with their Galileo mission to Jupiter nuclear engineer. Dr Lonnie Johnson was home working on a heat pump that could use vaporized water pressure instead of hazardous freon when the pumps at a stream of water across the room Johnson pivoted toward creating a high powered water blaster. Instead, he built a prototype out of PCV pipe PVC pipe and an empty soda bottle. He called it. The power drenched which used an air pressure chamber to pump water from a reservoir following a few necessary tweets, though, the super soaker was born. People still a blast each other. With those things the super soaker. Let's see eight four seven area code my favorite was the cuddly Dudley dog that the Tribune offered I think in the sixties I wish I still had Dudley. Yeah. Good old Ray Rayner would visit cuddly Dudley every morning. Cuddly Dudley would read letters from. From from from viewers. Yeah. Let's see seven seven three area code. I like to the GI Joe copy action Jackson. And the Marshall Brodine magic set. Everybody had the Marshall Brodine magic set. The magic set we had the magic cards Marshall Brodine. Dan, you younger remember Marshall Brodine? I knew he was didn't have the magic stat. And he was with. Oh, he was always on on. Bozo. Nudie do. Cuddly dudley. Remember when Ray Rayner used to go. Visit cuddly Dudley cuddly Dudley's house. And he would put the letter in front cuddly Dudley, you know, he would take a letter and he would put it in front of company Dudley. And then cuddly Dudley would look down, and he would read from you know, whoever the the the kid was wrote in. And I remember as a kid. I was like how cows cuddly Dudley reading that not knowing that the guy who did the voice for cuddly Dudley, had a different letter in front of him that he was reading. And that was a that was a a fake learn not a fake letter. But you know, a distraction letter. So it looks like cuddly Dudley who is just a doll stuffed. Dow the puppet. Looked like he was reading. And I remember I was like, wow, he can house. He reading that. Because I was a dumb kid. Yeah. The Marshall Bodine said there was the best eight four seven area code says. I still have my original weeble. My one year old looks at me. Like, I'm crazy when I try to entice him to play with it. He just wants the ipad. Oh, man. A one year old wants the ipad. Like, I'm not gonna play with a weeble. What is it? Eight one five area code says mine was called duck haunt plastic darts dad, and I had a great time with it. We got bored trying to hit the ducks. So we started picking off glass ornaments on the tree mom was not happy. It's nice that the dad gets gets involved in that. Yeah. No excuse, man. One thousand nine hundred seventy nine Simon as we mentioned before it was twenty four ninety five and electric toy which tested your memory by playing color patterns that you had to play back in sequence. It was unveiled at studio. Fifty four of all places. It was thereafter, a staple in just about every suburban toy chest in America. Studio fifty four. Nineteen Seventy-nine studio. Fifty four was was a den of sex and drugs, and you're gonna here's here's a nice toys for everybody. You could play it in between doing bumps. Nineteen eighty the rubik's cube. Original retail value. Price was a dollar ninety nine Hungarian Hungarian designer earner Rubik in nineteen seventy four designed to three d geometric puzzle called magic cube by nineteen eighty rubik's nifty contraption was in the hands of an ideal toy and novelty company, which renamed it rubik's cube. The puzzle was an instant success selling one hundred million units with the first two years alone. In the time since the sphere of competitions books and imitators has emerged. It's also featured in Spiderman in the spider verse the rubik's cube. It it completely it completely baffles. Spy Spiderman warr, it completely batteries doesn't understand the rubik's cube at all. One of the many many funny things that nNcholas cage gets to do in that movie. Which is we gave a great review, by the way. Eric in Colin, and I all rave about the new Spiderman animated movie, it's just great shockingly. Good like had no idea that it would even be in the vicinity of being that good. It is such a terrific movie. Nineteen one was the he man action figure that was your big was your big toy in nineteen Eighty-one estimated retail price four ninety nine. He man and the masters of the universe were introducing Eighty-one as a series of action figures who can throw punches by way of Poland and release mechanisms in an edition show of strength. An additional show of strength each masters of the universe action. Figure was nearly two inches larger than.

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