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Feeling. After I had this sort of Pitney with the tape machine, I was extremely enamored of mathematics instantly so robots to teach himself mathematics and the whole time. This was happening. I'm in a touring band making records, and I'm in studios all of the time. And also I'm a dad. So in sort of the frenzy of life, I also was trying to sneak time whenever I could to learn about mathematics and work on these ideas. Robot would be backstage, hit the textbook all on a break in the studio scribbling away in one of these notebooks, but being Museau with the maths obsession is kind of a solitary pursuit, no matter how many degrees of separation you went away from me. I didn't even the one other person that was interested in math, maybe like if you had a day job, but then your hobby was that you were a solitary lumberjack and you'd like drive out into the wilderness miles and miles and miles away from any other human being in with chop down trees. Being like a self taught mathematician, not knowing anybody kind of feels like it's that isolated like you really are doing this thing that it doesn't connect anybody else. Like across fight. The volume was slowly turning down on Robert's music career and mixing with this new noise. Number theory, mathematic started to infiltrate the music that Robert was making like he used natural logarithms to develop this thing called a non Therrien scale. Hearing pace composed in this scale. Now, essentially, it's a brand new musical scale with new notes set at intervals that aren't found in the chromatic scale. We all know and love. This intrigued the mathematics community, and Robert was invited to give lectures on music and maths at universities and colleges across the US. And it was on one of these trips that he met Ken Ono. For the first time I am a professional real live research mathematician, which means that I spent a lot of time thinking about numbers, deep in the wilderness. Robert ran into another lumberjack cans, really enthusiastic. He's very high energy. He's kind of far out. He's a fan. Thinker. I can remember leaving and feeling like I was flying on math like it was the first time I had engaged in such a deep conversation with anybody, and he ended up having me in his office for like an hour and a half, and it was a really, really wonderful experience for me. So Kenan robot heated off for a whole bunch of reasons. But a big part of it is this shade obsession with a mystical, Indian mathematician who's been dead for almost a century Ramona gin much of my work, believe it or not is informed by a man named Romana. Jin hee is quite an amazing figure. Really. He is kind of like an incomplete profit in the world of math. Once you hear about some mathematicians Ramana Jains name is it comes up if you don't know anything about mathematics, will you know about Isaac Newton? Everybody knows who he is either maybe like iron Stein. If you go one layer in, so you say have heard about people like oiler and gals. Then you also about Ramana Jen. He's very famous in mathematics, but it's like being famous and. Indie music. If you've never heard of pavement, there's no way you'll ever hear of them. But they won level in. So like if you know what indie music is, then you know who pavement is. Similar in that, like if you do know about pavement then like you really know about pavement, do what I mean? Like you don't have a casual fan, right. If you've gotten that far in, then you're too far in. Born into poverty in the south of Indian eighty ninety seven Ramana Jin had almost no formal training in mathematics and yet still over the course of his lifetime. He came up with thousands of mathematical formulas because he thought they were gifts to him from his Hindu goddess, a goddess NAMA Geary at night in his sleeping dreams or when he was meditating in his temple, his family's goddess would come to him envisions em would touch his tongue with her finger and write equations on his tongue. Just how Ramana Jin came up with these formulas. One of the biggest mysteries in mathematics beyond the folklore of goddess riding on his tongue. He left behind no trace of how actually derived any of these work. Like I said, Ramana Jim was born into a poor family and paper was expensive. So he did all these calculations in chalk on a slight wiping the slate, clean, Izzy wind. It was only when he got to the. The final formula that he'd transcribe it from the slight into a notebook. He presented his work without any proofs is just a list of equations. Nobody could make heads or tails of it in his era. And for the last hundred years mathematicians have been trying to work out what Ramana JR and did and to prove his work Ramona work is all about unlocking the infinite about taking what most of us think of is inconceivable and making it more noble. You found ways of taming extremely complicated numbers so that you would never be afraid of them at all. As I looked into Ramana Jen, I found that his story really spoke to me. He was a self, taught mathematician. He didn't have access to education hit in fact dropped out of college. This inspired me to realize that you could take the sort of self motivated nonstandard path towards mathematics. That's more commonly the way that artists go about it. I saw him as being the model for the kind of genius that one might aspire to. You know Ramani was. Mathematician that provided me with the model of how I saw that mathematics should be done. Flash forward a couple of years, and I had decided that I was going to drop out of the music scene stopped touring and go to graduate school. And if I'm going to do that, I should probably do it now. I'm like forty until like over the course of a year or so pulled myself out of the music world. This is huge robots rockstar music is his entire life. That was sort of a weird, you know is a great time weird time to almost had like an identity sort of. Dissociated few a little bit where you have like people will leave town and change their names and move to a different place and take on a whole new identity. Didn't have that going on, but I felt a little bit like that was going on because there was no crossover between my music life and my math life, and it's pretty obvious who robot's going to want to oversee this crossover rut. He visited me at Emory University and he came armed with notebooks, couldn't believe it just like Ramana Jin had notebooks. You must have one hundred of them by now. Kim was grilling me to see if I was acceptable as a student for him and the. It wasn't just me coming in as a well known musician with a math hobby. It was like me coming in as a potential person he would work with, and it had a different flavor to it. The level of energy in the room who needs nuclear power. If you have someone like rob Schneider, he said, I don't know a lot of math, but I love beauty and I see that there is art in mathematics, and I wanna come study with you. It Emory, we went through as notebooks. I saw flashes of genius, and we took a gamble on him because a lot of the qualities that I see in Ramana Jin I see in Robert Robert's completely unconventional in his thoughts. And you know, he has produced some of the most beautiful formulas that I've seen in the last four or five years left that time it was more than flying on math. I mean, I was in like, orbit, you know, like it was such a great feeling. It was a very inspiring and exciting moment for me. As I left the building, my wife picked me up and the way she tells the story is that I got in the car and she looked at me and she said, I had never looked so happy, and she said to me, Honey, you're going to Emory, aren't you? And I thought about it for a second. And I was like, oh my God, she's right. I have never felt this happy in this kind of conversation about mathematics with anybody. So robot pecks up. He's house and his family, and he moves across the country to start a PHD with kin Ono. And soon after these Ken has a breakthrough huge result and it's to do with Ramana Jin's most mysterious work a mystery. He left to the world from his deathbed, but to understand it, we need to put it in the context of the end of Ramana Jones. Live. Coming out the mysterious death bed formulas of Sweeney Vaas Remond Dejan I've never seen anything like this. It's so crazy that it has to be true and Robert and Ken go to India when some of all parts continuing. Undiscovered

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