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Okay so the men diagram people concerned about the Jersey city attack and then diagram of the people who are concerned about from T. L. there's no overlap so people in other words who pretend that they think trump is an anti semite totally don't care about left wing anti semitism there's almost no overlap between the two so what exactly is anti semitic about this executive order according to eighty eight members of life to make no sense they're saying that because of the executive order was attempting to protect Jews because the Civil Rights Act of sixty four was designed to protect people based on race nationality and ethnicity and that trump supposedly was going to reclassify Judaism as a nationality that this was turning Jews into a foreign nation inside the nation and therefore it is anti semitic it is idiotic first of all to the attic because on its face it's idiotic that Jews are in fact a nation okay it's called on Israel okay if you've read the Bible it is obvious that Jews are described by ancestry and that's a part of Judaism the only part of Judaism in my view it's not even the most key part of Judaism but anti Semites don't they don't just target Jews by religion they also targeted by ethnicity the **** did today's radical Muslims do want to promise is still by keeper Israel like still so the idea that the trump did something deeply wrong by recognizing the jury isn't isn't just the religious background that's ridiculous didn't do anything wrong in fact receive left on his nose nearly no bounds so I am a religious Jew I said before I think the key components of being able to speak on matters Jewish is that you actually care about Judaism you actually have some connection to Jewish religion and philosophy and people unless I'm going nuts well I'm not I'm a secular Jew but I've just as much to say about Judaism is you don't I said now you really have to be at least a little familiar with Judaism have any authority on this but didn't know you are you're demeaning me is you okay fine your job right I acknowledge your I think you now the same exact people are saying that if trump says you're not think you well that obviously is an anti semite Judaism is just a religion so your defining yourself out of Judaism to own from that's where you are right now yeah idiots okay then the media coverage of this was just dishonest meaning your times covered this thing is the trump was reclassifying chooses nationality the executive order doesn't even do that even the left is a knowledge in this now mark your sister writing at slate which is a left wing website he says the New York Times published a bombshell report on Tuesday claiming that president trump plans to sign an executive order that interpreted Judaism as a race race or nationality under title six of the Civil Rights Act of sixty four hello six governs federally funded educational programs so the times or the order might be deployed to squelch anti Israel speech on campus Mr trump's order the times claimed will have the effect of embracing an argument the Jews are you people or a race with a collective national origin in the Middle East like Italian Americans or Polish Americans that turned out to be untrue of course is on through the executive were never said that the text does not redefined Judaism as a race or nationality it does not claim that use our nation or different rates yours interpretation of title six is entirely in line with the Obama administration's approach it only deviate from past practice by suggesting that harsh criticism of Israel specifically the notion that is a racist endeavor may be used as evidence to prove anti semitic intent well that's not harsh criticism of Israel that's a belief that Jews are racist for wanting there to be a Jewish state but again there are Christian states on planet earth there it states of all types right hole one is for the polls like Americans for Americans it is been widespread as the definition of anti semitism three years under the state department of emission but that didn't stop laughing when the truck was an anti semite for promulgating the policy and markets who was the then deputy Assistant Secretary for enforcement at the department education in two thousand four said groups is face discrimination on the basis of shared ethnic characteristics may not be denied protection under title six this goes back years didn't stop let from losing their mind because they were frankly the might there might have been lost ever since from became president it's insane okay coming up.

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