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Republican Tom McClintock and California's fourth congressional district. But she now has a new job in governor Gavin Newsom administration Newsom is appointed Morris as deputy secretary of forest resources management at the California national resources agency Morris made climate change a main part of her. Congressional campaign. The fourth district, by the way spans much of the southern Sierra from Lake Tahoe Yosemite. And more says new position pays one hundred sixty five thousand dollars a year lake Oroville reconstructed main spillway at the dam is finally going to see its first action today. The department of water resources says spillway releases down the feather river will range between ten and twenty thousand cubic feet per second that number could rise as high as sixty thousand cubic feet per second later this week. If all goes, well lake levels stand at eight hundred fifty three feet, which is roughly fifty feet below full capacity. The one point one billion dollar rebuild of both the main spillway and the emergency spillway took about two years to complete with those releases the Sacramento river will be edging backup this week as rain brings another level of lake Shasta much higher. The lake is currently eighteen feet from the crest of the dam now on Wednesday. There were releases from Keswick dam, it increased from fifteen thousand cubic feet per second to twenty thousand cubic feet per second. And a few weeks ago the releases peaked at about forty thousand. Sacramento will now have daily nonstop flights to Maui. Hawaii Hawaiian airlines launched additional flights today to the Sacramento airport and down the road. Southwest. Airlines will add daily flights to Hawaii as well. But they haven't specified which island yet the airport underwent a one billion dollar expansion back in two thousand eleven but has seen passenger growth at record levels. And the airport is now considering expanding again to make space for new flights and new flyers. They say they fixed the problem, but university of California retirees we're left wondering what was going on yesterday when a glitch caused tens of thousands of former employees to not receive their pension checks KC already three is reporting that around seventy five thousand retirees did not get paid yesterday. The US office of the the UC office of the president told Casey that they corrected the file processing Erin most retirees had their benefits payments deposited by five o'clock in the evening. The last one thousand direct deposits are going to be processed today. And there was no problem with paper checks that were mailed. Last week new parents in southern California may soon be able to take nearly five months of paid family leave for free. Jayson Campadonia has details. The Los Angeles city council today is set to discuss giving parents eighteen weeks of fully paid leave without a reduction in pay the state allows for parents to take up to eighteen weeks. But at only sixty or seventy percent of their paycheck comes with that time needed to bond with their child. The program would be paid for by employers, but small businesses and nonprofits may get a break. Governor Gavin Newsom likes the idea of a six month, parental paid leave but his idea is still in its early stages. Jason Donia NBC News Radio. Jason. Thank you very much time now is eight thirty five and it's time to get the national headlines from ABC. In the past. Our President Trump tweeted about the southern border writing after many years, Mexico is apprehending large numbers of people mostly from Guatemala Honduras. El Salvador, perhaps backing down from his week long threat to shut down the border homeland security secretary Kerstin Nielsen has cut short an overseas trip to return to Washington because of the border situation planning to visit somewhere in the region. Tomorrow at this hour, the house oversight committee starts issuing subpoenas over the White House security clearance process, the probe stems from a whistle blowers charged that the Trump administration overruled dozens of denied clearances, including one for the president's son-in-law, Jared, Kushner, you got a lady in there in the White House with begging us to just do our job, and I beg for the same thing. That's committee chair Elijah Cummings Republicans accused Democrats of politicizing the process Chicago's voting for new mayor. Whoever wins will become the city's first female African American leader. Scott Goldberg ABC. News just ahead on the Cape. UK morning news. American's are having less sex the well. Yeah. That's what the study say. I a variety get into it. I know you think you know, I think I do now. But now that the kids are off to school. We're going to talk about. Us getting really good. Studies are saying about our bedroom habits that's coming up and traffic and weather together as well..

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