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Artists. And i will force them to answer your questions. No look it's a blast. And i'm really having a great time Recording these podcasts. With all of you guys sitting in the room sitting in the chat and and we're all doing it together so that's all i got to say about that. Today is all about clayton though clayton blah a i knew him when first moved to chicago those days he was working for three one of the premier publicity companies in the country and clayton has really done it all from pr publicity to running label witthaus la to artist management he. He's managed artists all over the spectrum. Genre wise you'll hear him talk about A singer named matt mason who is currently managing. And of course his current position over at audience as well as a whole bunch of other activities clayton. Clayton's always working on something and it was a really fascinating chat. I'm really glad we got to catch up. Been awhile It had really been a while. And i think for you the listener There's a lot to pick out of this because clayton. He's he's somebody behind the scenes but The work he's doing has giant giant implications For the industry for artists for really anyone who who loves music and loves what we all do which is extensively. Why we're all here in why you're listening to me. Talk right now. So i really think you're going to enjoy this episode. I really did. Clayton is the best. If you do enjoy it. I would love to hear from you. You can always hit me up on social media at willie joy at back to back pod and if you would like to support this show the best way to show that support well first of all. It's it's coming through following me on twitch and hanging out as i do. These shows live in front of your eyes but another great way to support back to back to support. What i'm doing over here is just a spread. The word word of mouth really is still at four and a half years in it. Still how this show grows. The formula has not changed and I owe a lot of the success of this show to you the support of this amazing community to your support so Anytime you're tagging us in your stories anytime you're putting up a tweet letting people know they should listen anytime. You're telling your friends to check it out recommending favourite episode telling one of your favorite artists. They should come on the show. All of that goes into making making this show what it is and i appreciate each and every one of you You guys are the best. The back-to-back community is the best. And i will go to my grave saying that so look with all of that in mind. Let's get into today's episode This is a good one guys. Get ready this is me and clayton blah back-to-back.

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