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I mean I could go on this rant with you if you exactly it's just you know, it's well, we don't need just to get rid of that. We cut that off the budget line. Oh, yeah. Yep, but the thing is you have a theory about why talk radio is so big mostly because there's somebody there everybody likes to sit there and you know screen back at the right choice. What what are you talking about? You moron, you know, there's an interaction even though you're not directly talking to somebody you can interact because there's a human voice, you know? Yes. Yeah. Well the world changes. Now whether we like it or not, is it for the better and the sake of change is not necessary know I can tell you with radio. It's definitely was not for the better and you know that yourself. So there you go. Yeah, I did, you know cuz people are currently actually writing new songs you write in your size and then my two my answers to them it's just but you don't understand it's an exercise in futility. Unless I'm just doing this for you only my own judgment nobody there to expose it anymore. Yeah, it's just it's kind of it's just weird. It's like music is just it's just music. It just grows on trees. What do you like out there right now? I have no idea. I have no clue. I have lately sitting amid. I have no idea. What am I listening to? I'm listening to Mahalia Jackson, Sam Cooke. Great singing great songs. There's still great some I mean music is there is no old music to me to see that just good music or it isn't. All right. Well, listen anything else you'd like to talk about I'm way off topic whatever you tips recipes anything else you'd like to promote. Well. No, the C DS post is the main thing that's coming up in November slated for a November 20th release. The only the other thing is is the book we're working on that phone only, you know, and I know well, thank you for doing this today and taking the time I appreciate it. You too. Thank you. Thank you. Dave Mason. What a great. Guess he held nothing back, right thanks to you will be back next week with another episode of RPM 45..

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