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Of their game and still active in the National Football League right now. I think that says something about Drew Brees. How is he? Not a top 10 quarterback of all time. If you're putting up those type of numbers, you have to be given that consideration. If you went just by the numbers, even make an argument to these in the same category is Brady. We wouldn't even be having the conversation about Brady is an unquestioned vote in the history of the National Football League. It be Brady Brees. Brady Brees. Well, no other things factor in Like team accomplishments, like seven Super Bowls as compared to one and that's why Brady gets the nod. But I think we put too much of an emphasis on team accomplishment when we talk about a guy who is arguably statistically. One of if not the greatest of all time Now, Brady may actually go by him and Brady plays two more years. He's going to get a couple of these categories where he's gonna be able to catch him pass. Drew Brees. Okay, So then Brady's number two again, not anything to be bad. Embarrassed about. And when my first caller and believe me, I didn't set this up. He just helped to help me make my point by saying, I don't even know if he's in the top 20 of all time. He's a guy who just leans. He gets out their playoff records, and he looks into playoff record today. Well, this guy's number one just got nothingto. This guy's only 500 all time. The post. I forgot. It's not in the top 20. Well, how did you get to the playoffs? What kind of a regular season did you have? How many touchdown today you throat during the regular season? How many yards get pants for during the regular season? Yeah, those things count to and I'm just saying Melvin to when you decide to come up with your quarterback ratings of all time, and Drew Brees should be in the top 10 in the bottom of the top 10. I'll give you that because I put these were the first sick that came off my head. I wrote them down because I didn't even want to look it up. I just wanted to do it off the top of my head. And I didn't even put United's on there. I would add united to the list, so I would say these air the top seven. Brady Montana Farm. Marino Elway Manning United those of the top seven in my book group breezes, not surpassing any of those. All those guys have to in my mind. Go ahead, Drew Brees. We'll see what all these guys who are still playing become over the course of their career. Rogers a little further along Wilson is further along than either Mahomes or Watson. But these guys gonna play into it At some point they're not there yet. Breathes officially called it a career today, so he needs to go into the evaluation stage now. And Yeah, I think he's a top 10 quarterback of all time, Johnny. Maybe not top. 20 is my first call us at today. Jodi just very quickly. The one thing that is worth pointing out and this hurts him a little bit. When a guy named Joe Flacco has more postseason wins than you and you play to the age of 42. That's not a great look in terms of being an all time great quarterback. Understood. But Flacco played on teams that had phenomenal defense is New Orleans always had solid defense is at no point during do breezes career would I say he played on a team that out of top two of events in the leak at ever? Ever and it's a 15 years. Not once in those 15 years that we have a top two defense that played on his, uh, the other side of the ball on his team. Perfect example this year. Tampa Bay. I don't want to take anything away from Brady was Number seven, and he played good in the Super Bowl. Um don't know how great he played in there getting to the Super Bowl. Oh, by the way. In the game in New Orleans. They won that one when he actually got basically Andrew breezes career more so because of defense what they did the breeze, then what Brady did on offense against that saint defense. You're right. That's again playoff numbers, and I can't argue playoff numbers. Drew Brees. If you're just talking about postseason quarterbacks, I don't know that to breeze makes the top 50 of all time. We're not talking about only postseason. We're talking about entire careers regular season to qualify for the postseason and in the postseason on top of it. That's why I got priest in my top 10. All right, let me get back on the phones. 855 to 1 to 4 to 27 Gary from Jackson builds up yoga. Are you, Jody? Good, buddy. I have no quarrel with you putting grease in the top 10. But to me his career has always been a mixed bag to me, Jody. And I'll tell you why I kind of what I did. He was a person he kind of Business Cherry me sometimes because he made a comment about the older players. Why should modern day players pay for the older players when they blew all their money? And they spent their money? Well, Those guys weren't making 20 minutes million dollars a year. You know, Jody, you wanted you wanted nothing to do with today's conversation. I know Drew Brees made some foolish sledge. Insensitive statements about protesting the anthem, and then he had to backtrack and irrelevant in today's conversation were purely talking about what they did. When I had shoulder pads on and a football now hands their statements. The things that they've said had, at least in my mind for me has nothing to do with today's conversation. Okay. We come back to different, but tell me what about you know who it is No big into different. I'm telling you how I look at it. If you want to look at it differently, That's fine. I'm trying to have a football conversation, not a personality conversation. You want to take it in the personality? You can What about down the.

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