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A business, what the business is, and you have software that is not up to date. Go to capterra dot com slash windows. Choose a category filter narrowed, you'll first of all, you'll be some bugle. Wow. There's twenty four dog grooming programs out there. I had no idea, then narrow it down. You can narrow byproduct rating number of seats deployment, whether you can make appointments with it, you know, whatever features you like you. Can set up a a, a page in compare side-by-side up to four programs at once. But the best part that even show, your list of related categories, you can get more options. But the best part of capterra is the reviews. This is such an active site. Millions of people use it every, I would say every month, I can't remember the exact number think millions a month. But here's the number that counts they have nine hundred twenty five thousand reviews and an thousand new reviews every single day because people are so pre she give that when they find software and they use it on capterra. They put a review up, they want others to know which means when you're looking for software, you go, there, you look at those reviews, they're always very carefully vetted by capterra. They're real users, and you'll really get a sense. Is this going to do what I wanted to do is, is this is this going to live up to its promises? No matter what kind of software your business needs. Capterra makes it easy to discover the right solution fast. And you know if you if you do find something and you use it libra review pay it forward. That's all they ask. Ask because capterra is absolutely free. There's no charge at all. Checkout capterra's free website capterra. C. A. P. T E, double R A. Capterra dot com slash windows at joined the millions of people using capterra to find the right tools for their business suffer. No more go out and get get the right software for yourself. Capterra dot com slash windows software selection..

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