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Devante Robinson combined on the stop. But he got eight yards. Lucid stop on a dime. Turn to go. The other way Lynn Boden. And yet they're sick McCall. Opted to Jordan thirty six. Two minutes. Spectacular. Best defense forty years coming into this game. But has won that match up today with his office from back end goes under center. Holyfield behind him. He gets the call slip. The tackling the backfield coming nearside across the thirty written out of bounds by Mike Edwards near the Kentucky. Twenty six yard line. That's another first down miss tackling the backfield. It's not chub and Michelle, but these guys are really good to jets, and they just yeah. I the on the ground. Now they've now rushed for over two hundred and fifty yards. Kentucky. Giving up an average of one hundred nine rushing per game. All season. SEC? Number two, rushing, Jack I have won the day. So far. Under senate. Carrying behind. He gets the call bottled up in the backfield breaks away from cash Daniel and goes inside the twenty five down to the twenty one yard line. Where Robinson makes the tackle passion for Jordan Jones who see that miss tackles today with an club. Each one has a cash it's left hand right hand. Really, tom. This Georgia offense is only stopped itself with two fumbles for. Well, second and five at the Kentucky twenty one yard line for Georgia. Inside forty five seconds now to play in the third quarter, Georgia leading twenty eight to ten and knocking at the door to protect your twenty one second from ships under center pray behind him. Harry play fake to him sprints out. Right. Throws complete to Godwin and Asian makes the tackle on him. Just short of the stick over the far side. So it'll be third one twenty at the seventeenth. What say what they some really nice players in space to listen. Nice moving into the outside or just five out of seven today on third down. And they're just gonna let the final seconds ticked down to bring the third quarter to an end. Georgia's fifteen minutes away from punch gets ticket to the SEC championship game in Atlanta's they.

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