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Shackled radio interference is causing havoc for air traffic in the sky over georgia according to a federal lawsuit the federal aviation administration or faa since a massive irrigation structure on a farm in south georgia is causing the interference the lawsuit says the epa has a radio transmitter to release signals to aircraft at that location the suit says interference caused by the 1200 foot long structure forced the faa to shut down its transmitter in february which affected operations of nine airports three men identified by the fa is land owners could not immediately be reached on friday the executive chairman of google parent alphabet is stepping down in january the company says eric schmitt will become a technical advisor and will continue to sit on the board schmidt join google in two thousand one and ceo three years after the search giant was founded google launched a new structure in october of 2015 making alphabet a holding company for gugel and related businesses some of those other bats include selfdriving cars that smart thermostats and internet delivering balloons schmitz said in a statement he felt the alphabet structure was working well with gugel end its other beds thriving he said he has plans to spend more time on science and technology issues and philanthropy by claims true gms laudable bills and even boats lee peace meant small reports aaa expects more than one hundred seven million people to get away between now and the end of the year aaa forecasts just under six and a half million americans will take to the skies while the majority of travelers about ninety seven and a half million will hit the road another three point six million will go somewhere by other means select trains or cruise ships andy says those who do hit the roads wullfi the most expensive euro gas price with thumbed back in 2014 but the good news is a slightly done going out december's national average price for gasoline is to forty seven a gallon 28 since more than this time last year but aaa expects the average press regalian to drop at least a nickel before the new here aaa says the vince lubbers add up it would be a threepercent increase of auto traffic over the last year making.

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