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That's when we come back. We are taught we just change the clocks spring is around the corner. And I think hopefully as polar vortex freezing temperatures start to improve. We're going to be getting out there with our pets and starting hopefully, some exercise routines things that we been you know, obviously being neglectful during the winter. So it's time to get back out there. How fun with our pets exercise to lose that winter wait for both them and for us. So we're gonna talk about how to start the program what to watch out for. We'll be right back right after these messages. Stay tuned. Does your dog? It scratched stinker. Shed like crazy come to Diabate for help. Order a ninety day supply of dynamite. Dynamite is a tradition pickup. Two bottles. Lickochops. Get the third bottle free meal. Improved Lickochops with a mega three omega six vitamin e. And now six extra direct fed microbials even better for the day just of track and immune system. Try lickochops. By to get one free at dinovite dot com. NO V. I T E dot com. Let's talk. Live radio dot com. And welcome back here. Live with Dr jump with on like radios asked about the doctor. And as I mentioned just before the break, we are. Hopefully, we are going to start getting some better weather, Lou warmer, weather, we want to get out there without pets and resume the fun. We often have during spring and summer when it comes to go to the park and playing and exercising going to the beach. Well, of course, you have to live in California or to do that. But or back east eastern seaboard real beaches there as well. So anyway, what we need to think about is. How do we get started? After a winter. And hey, it was one heck of a winter even here in California, more rain than we've had in the longest time. So how'd you get started? So support to remember that when we start an exercise program, and this is gonna be the same dog who for whatever reason has not been able to actress.

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