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On the half. And when it breaks I'm Michael shoe, live from the KFI twenty four hour us room. There are reports of injuries and people killed after a severe storm pass through Oklahoma City. There's a tornado warning posted for sparks in Arlington with the storm heading east earlier tonight, just west of Oklahoma City tornado pass through El Reno at least one motel or hotel was destroyed apparently, an L Reto city council woman has been quoted as saying that people have been killed at a hotel that was destroyed near interstate forty a sailor in San Diego has pleaded guilty to espionage, US navy petty officer, second class Steven Kellogg. The third has been sentenced to three years after admitting he took classified info about the navy's nuclear powered warships plan to give it to a journalist, then defect to Russia. NCIS says, Kellogg wanted to publish an expose on waste within the military and admitted he wanted to share the information with Russians Aaron bender KFI news. Iran's foreign minister says the move. Movement of more US troops to the Middle East is a threat to regional security, Mohammad Zarif called President Trump's announcement that fifteen hundred US troops will be sent to the region, a danger to international peace approves will be sent to the region following recent attacks on tankers the Memorial Day concert. It's going to happen. Tomorrow PBS will air the thirtieth annual Memorial Day event live on Sunday from the west lawn of the US, capital, Tony nominated actress Mary McCormack will co host the event and is pumped by the lineup. Dennis Hayes for from twenty four and Sam Elliott incredible Sam Elliott is coming back with us. Christopher Jackson from Hamilton. And then, of course, it got Patti LaBelle. I mean, you know it's, it's an incredible lineup. This year's event will pay special tribute to gold star families Bill Seward, KFI news..

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