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Sheila jackson-lee. It turns out they staffer for Sheila jackson-lee. Says she was raped. By man. Who worked high up in the democrat party? Said he invited her for drinks. Then they went to his house. She was texting her friend to the course of the evening saying help I need to get out. She thinks she might have had her drinks by because she didn't know where she was. She couldn't think straight. She woke up the next morning. She says the man was wrapped around her. And she said. Did we do anything last night? And he said, no, you just threw up everywhere. Well, if she threw up everywhere, he's probably not going to be all wrapped around her home. So she went to the hospital. They did a rape test on her. They found trauma consistent with rape. She ended up deciding. Two. File charges? She'd left she'd gone to work for Sheila jackson-lee. This guy was going to end up coming in Sheila jackson-lee. This woman goes to Sheila Jackson lease chief of staff and says, this is what she says, we don't know this to be true. But it's what she claims. She says she told him that this man raped her. Then she says Sheila jackson-lee fired her. Now, of course, Sheila jackson-lee won't lose her position. Of course, nothing will ever come of this. It's not the first time a staffer has claimed this sort of treatment at the hands of Sheila jackson-lee their entire articles about it one by Tim Fleck. That's the best one ever written called driving machine when he was running for the Houston press when I think he did some of his best work, but there's another one by the congressional quarterly. I think there's one by the hill look up Sheila jackson-lee, bad boss abusive, and you'll hear all sorts of stories. She also claims that she was required to draft Sheila around and that Glenn rushing sheila's chief-of-staff said that one of the reasons she was fired was because her car wasn't nice enough. She lets older to get to buy a nicer car. Congressmen are not entitled to a chauffeur and their staffers are not required to drive them around certainly not on personal errands. But it has been since Sheila jackson-lee was on city council. I took her position on city council and has been since she was on city council. There have been allegations of her using staff to go pick up your dry cleaning and run her errands and do things like this. She is by all accounts, a truly awful mean human being. And guess who she's being mean to blacks, usually black women one of whom claims in one of the articles about her that she referred to her as the inward? Another one that she humiliated her in front of her parents when our parents came to Washington DC to visit awful awful things. She has been alleged to say. And do. You'll remember that she had hired the employee who was dachshund the senators releasing their children's names their health information their private addresses that guy worked for her story. After story of this clown Sheila jackson-lee getting away with this nonsense. And who's standing right next to the sheriff. When little seven year old. Jasmine Barnes was murdered who's standing right next to the sheriff right here in Houston. The sheriff of Harris County and announcing that we need to call this what it is a hate crime. And then it turns out it wasn't a quote, unquote hate crime. It was just your average run of the mill black on black murder, and they said, do you feel bad that you said that? And she said, no no there there. There's no feeling bad. If a child has been killed there. No, none of this applies and she'll probably be on the evening news in Houston today. Screaming and hollering about something. Who knows Lord knows what and she will continue on. And that's the game we play in this country. But people aren't stupid people understand why she'll never be removed from office. People understand why. But they don't like it you want to know, what makes people mad that Sheila jackson-lee will continue to do things like this, and that the laws won't apply to her and the rules won't apply to her, and she'll still be in congress, and she'll still be on the evening news tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day in the next day, and people know what's going on. And this is what leads to the anger in this country. You can make people play by the rules, but she can't make them like it. You can you can make these rules that Sheila jackson-lee can get away with whatever the hell she wants. And that you can't you can make those rules and people will play by the rules. They will follow the rule, but they don't have to like it. And if you don't think that there is not a bidder anger in this country at this kind of nonsense, and I will tell you. That's why Trump got elected Nancy Pelosi playing games yesterday with the state of the union and everything was fine. And Trump said you know, what I can play their game as well as they can. And then some any did there's not another Republican alive that would have done what he just did. And you know, what I never would have felt this way before I'm glad he did it, Tracy..

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