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Damien system to then go haywire. And guess who's guarding that barrier? It's these bacteria. I would say that the majority of those bacteria over ninety percent are actually our friends just much like the earthworms in the soil by these are friendly bacteria that each have a function whether it's helping guard that single cell barrier within the intestines or whether it's modulating your immune response, or whether it's helping you metabolize things that you have ingested, and basically detoxified poisons that you're ingesting whether it's getting rid of cholesterol. So it doesn't get accumulated in your blood vessels and cause a heart attack. Whether it's manufacturing vitamins, like vitamin the B vitamins are actually made in the gut. So if you give somebody, of course course of broad spectrum antibiotics, and you wipe out this friendly bacteria. They're gonna end up with vitamin deficiencies. They're going to end up with of a terrible infection. Which is actually a big problem in hospitals called c diff plus trillion. Missile it's bad bacteria, a bad guy. And so when you can when you just carpet bomb, right? The whole city, then you kill everything. And but ninety nine percent of the inhabitants of that city were good guys, and you just kill off everything. So now, there's there's a lot bigger proportion of bad guys that can now kind of take charge, and I can have really untoward consequences, and there's a lot of parallels between soil, health and gut health. Right. So what we do to the soil outside when we're dumping chemicals synthetic chemicals pesticides, herbicides that kill the back area that killed a living things within them. And I mean, just those foods would having that same effect inside. And we can do another whole show on this. But I'm trying not to go on and on because I know short on time. Absolutely. I mean, it's all about. Finding out who we truly are. Right. Or who we are truly hosting? He's bacteria. So the punkish based on what you've shared thanks for sharing so much today. What is it? One action step you'd like to recommend for someone listening to this episode right now, what action step would be to look at your meals and choose one meal out of the day that you're going to really eat for health. Right. You might not be eating all your meals any of your meals for health right now. But choose one meal and make it a significant change where you're actually eating for health. And then you can eat for whatever. Other reason you're eating familiarity, tastes, social reasons for all the other meals but start with one and see how that feels. To read the entire show notes for today's episode, including the inspirational court, the book recommendation and certain nuggets of wisdom that you might not have been able.

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