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Moving onto Saudi Arabia. King Salman is spending some time in the hospital there this week Saudi state media report he had surgery to remove his gallbladder, and it was successful nothing life threatening, but whenever an eighty four year old national leader is hospitalized for whatever reason it raises questions for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Those questions about what a possible succession might look like the World Sharon Jafari reports the modern day kingdom of Saudi. Arabia was founded in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, two, and since. Since, then it's been ruled by the same royal family succession has mostly gone from father to son or brother to brother eighty four year old King Solomon took over from his brother into fifteen. Joseph Russell was the US ambassador to Saudi Arabia back then. Oh, yes, I got to know him very while this describes Kim Samoan as educated Matt. It says the king loves to read to his grandchildren so whenever he went back to New York while says he would buy books as gifts for some on. In the old culture of Saudi culture books never had pictures. That's because the ultra conservatives in the kingdom considered images to be un-islamic, so made sure I brought books a lot pictures. One time was false, as he brought by another bound copy of one thousand and One Nights, a collection of middle. Eastern folktales, and the king loved it. At the opportunity to work with online, I grew very fond of him, but while Kingston Mon- might be the most powerful official in Saudi Arabia. It's his son. Crown Prince Mohammad Bin, Salman who runs the kingdom on a day to day basis. NBS known is next in line to the throne. Nowadays, the process of succession is overseen by a special group of authorities yes-men. Faruk is with Carnegie in. For International, peace in Washington, the previous king had established what they call the allegiance council, which is basically a counseled from the surviving sons of the funder for NPS to become kings. She says this council would initiate a process for members of the royal family to pledge allegiance to the new king, but right now there's a problem. The Allegiance Council doesn't have had the last one died, and I think the position has been vacant for over two years now and one member at least of the allegiance council is under arrest Prince Amit faulk says NBA has been controversial figure since they want his made it his mission to consolidate power and supply line any potential competitor. Nabil Nura an expert on Gulf affairs says MP's has arrested an intimidate viable members of the royal family also rounded up hundreds of businessmen and activists. He was to show that he is the guy for the position, and he wants to make sure that there are no challenges in his way to the throne occupied. Was it all after. that. The king went to the hospital state TV showed him holding a cabinet meeting from there. That's to show that the king is alive and well, and still in charge, but nobody says it's an open secret that MBA's is actively pushing to become king while his father is still around. Why well a number of things one of them is related to the US actually Hamad bin. Salman wants to make sure that he ascends the throne while president. Trump is personally that states trump has been supportive of the crown. Prince <unk> says it's not clear if joe. Biden would do the same besides the American election does also the G. Twenty summit in November. It could be a critical moment for MBA's to show that he is in charge. And some people from the Royal Family might not be happy with Hamad bin Salman, being king, so hammered. This might ascend the throne while his father is still alive to make sure that everything goes smoothly. So where does all this leave the US? Saudi relations Yes menfolk says NBA is a controversial figure in Washington DC. She says it's not internal policies that have raised eyebrows NBA has has been the war in Yemen and according to the CIA or did. Did the kidding of Washington Post columnist Jamal <unk> <unk>, and unfortunately like many things inside Washington there is polarization and the debate is very much politicized, but let me tell you that the concern, the uncertainty about the rule of Mohammad Bin, Salman is certainly bipartisan. People differ on what to do about it, folks. Some things have not changed Saudi Arabia remains a key player in the global oil market and president. Trump has boasted about selling weapons to the king. Now with the possibility of political transition in both countries on the horizon, there are big questions about the future of the relationship between the two longtime allies.

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