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Yes, we have football tonight. And did Paul Miles. Just say, like half price beer from like. When the gates open Yeah gates open at, uh, 6 38 or six or 6 30. Whichever it is half price, beer, fountain drinks and waters all the way up until half time. Let's go to the tailgate area right now. Tony Cruz. Do you already have two beers in your hands? Now? He's already had two beers in his mouth, half price beer until I have prices being what do you think it's gonna? What's it? What's the rice going to be like with two minutes left before the half? Oh, my God. Get six beers. Everybody go get six beers. They're all have price. It probably depends on the score, right? I mean, if it's already 49 to 3 Yeah, maybe a half time to drink rush. Yeah, exactly right. Yeah. Tony Cruz. I wanted to bring you in at the beginning. First off. I played that clip from the morning show. I have enjoyed that I saw the first season sometime ago. We were rewatching that Jennifer Aniston is that she's you know, a network TV morning person like Robin Roberts or Savannah Guthrie or one of those kind of people, right? And just the egos and the things that go on backstage. Is this kind of funny and those of us in the media enjoy all that ego backstage nonsense that we see sometimes and laugh about. But Tony Cruises ego less He is our morning hero, and it's almost his birthday and just a few hours, so I wanted to wish you cruise man. A happy birthday. I'm closing in on you. I am. Thank you. That's very nice of you. You're really not closing in on me because I am the same distance every day of you. Alright. Don't do you ever get asked? So what? Are you going to retire? I go. Well, Is it that bad? Or you know the show or Do I look at bad? You know, he's like, Well, I don't I don't want to retire him like everybody else who works there. Tired, right? And people? Yes, People say that to me, too. And I always say, you know, I'm still enjoying it. I I have a deal here at this company for another 3.5 years or whatever, but boy But you know that's that that neither here nor there. It's just a matter of as long as you enjoy doing it, and I do it. I know you do, too. I just want to wish you a happy birthday. You're the anchor of the ship. Toni Kroos weekday mornings. And I would say you're the anchor of wh Stop on that. Just try to get people of who? Their mornings, you know now, have you? How many years have you been our morning, man? Uh, June of 2000 and four. I can do math at 17 years. Yeah, 17. How's it feel? Because I did morning shows for eight years and I always felt like I had gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson and just always feel beaten down. Uh, yes. Every single day. It's tiring. I mean, But I'm not really. And maybe it shows. I hope not a morning guy. I'm more of an evening guy, because, you know, I spent so much time now and just doing sports by watch four times a kid. I don't know if that changed my clock or my clock is just more of Evening or oriented clock, but No, I mean, I have remember asking Wayne and Paul Rodgers Stokes. So do you ever get used to this Because I used to produce for Wayne. But people didn't know that a years ago, and he said No, Not really. So dipole goes. Don't everybody used to it. So, Yeah, we'll have the happiest of birthdays. I don't know if I'll see at the ball game tonight. But if I miss if we miss each other, uh, I just want to wish you happy birthday because I know it's tomorrow. Yes, Thank you. I've got grandkids coming tonight. So they're UK fans are going to be watching your valve. It was for a quarter. We'll see how things go. Okay, well, happy birthday. Sorry. We didn't get you a cake or anything. But you know how it is. We're not allowed to touch each other. Look at each other here in the building so we can bring anybody that cake. So that's a shame, but yeah, I appreciate Terry. You're the best love you crew zcu, buddy. Alright, later in this show, we're going to talk with Chris Chandler Because on Fridays I do this. What wh s 100. That is where walking up to our 1/100 birthday of this radio station. Chris Chandler and I had a nice conversation about an hour and a half ago. He's in Atlanta, Georgia. He's still an afternoon news anchor like he was for me 20 years ago. And he still hilarious. So that's at 4 35 today We're also going to be talking up the game, of course Football game tonight, which will carry here on news radio 8 40 W. H s. Pre game shows that six o'clock tonight and then Jodi Dylan's going to join me momentarily. We'll talk about a few other events that are popping up this weekend. And then Ian. We'll get into some NFL football as well. Yeah, I'm not sure there was any NFL football last night. I don't I don't think those two teams are very good, but there's some good games coming up things to chew on. That's for sure. Plus, it's given for good. Louisville will be discussing that. In just a bit as well here. We're glad.

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