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What we think of now think of when someone says ogilvie seen the mermaid with what omar mateen us you'll like how can this be this is so exciting it must be wonderful when you see it i think it's the shock it but you kind of recoil is a horrible looking quite frightening creature quite a good thing to send children to to have as well because ferro waste quite powerfully affected but it's easy to use agent hopkins sleek that no i know in what else is i think is good for them above healthy tara it's good for this a fascinating thing this is essentially well our i dear of mermaids in popular culture comes from is it that way it's this idea when there was an enormous maritime presence across the world and people were going in discovering things and bringing them back yes i think london during that period is an exciting time because these things were being brought back let you could see mostly dead stuffed creatures from everywhere across the world i think it's really easy to wonder why people would be taken in by this fake mermaid but it to forget that gnome would ever have seen a lot of wild animals in their life state like when captain cook he brought back on the flayed skin of a kangaroo from australia he did not try and put one on the boat and transport across the sea he go at one he skinned and when he got it back home he had it stuffed i'm so i think people will ferry used to seeing stuff specimens that had stroll in wires in stuff or and stitches on them in the so it would be much harder to use your critical faculties and say no this is definitely a composite creature of a monkey stitch to a fish and i think actually won the duckbilled platypus was first brought back people like just forget it like this is ridiculous you've clearly faked this is.

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