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Is 702. Good morning on Mark Caesar. This update is brought to you by discount Electronics. Six, Boston City Council District incumbent Jimmy Flanagan did a District six is out. He was defeated by conservative candidate Mackenzie Kelly and the runoff election, Flanagan says. It's a bitter pill to swallow, but it doesn't mean that any of this work ends. And I am excited for the rest of my colleagues who I know will continue this work and the future Council member I hope does her best. Kelly got 52% of the vote in District 10 incumbent Alison Altar was the winner. She defeated Jennifer Verden Alter got 51% of the vote and says her victory was a victory against the politics of fear. Teachers will be included in the second round of vaccinations. But some groups like the Association of Texas Professional Educators want teachers to get the vaccine sooner. Mark Wiggins is their spokesman, except the vaccine is a critical step in allowing schools to resume those normal operations. Then he says, that would help the overall economy. Texas A and M is investigating a large case of cheating in an online finance class, The Texas Tribune reports. Faculty noticed students were answering questions too quickly. University officials are asking students to come forward and admit their guilt. Those who do not could face suspension or expulsion. Texas has $2 billion from the federal government that it needs to spend in two weeks or has to return it to the federal government. The money is part of the $8 billion the state received for pandemic relief Governor Greg Abbott will make the decision on what to do with that $2 billion. 704 now a tail BJ. Here's Austin's on time traffic with Melinda Brandt. We're seeing some brake lights on 35 south, found in between 51st Street and MLK and 35 North found between slaughter and Stassen old torque to seventh Street, and there's a collusion over until 1, 30, South Bend and Cameron Road that is causing the slight back up. Your next report said 7 15. I'm Melinda Brilliant with Austin's on time traffic, honey son today, the high hand 56 from the weather Center. I'm Steve Williams. This segment brought to these Get Austin News on demand it NewsRadio, kale, BJ dot com. Welcome to the Todd and don show we're live, and we want you to join us at 51283605 90. Now here are Todd and done. Is it time to forget about Trump and start thinking about the G GOP Well. That is the message from Mitch McConnell, pleading with his fellow senators yesterday to not force a public vote on challenging Biden's electoral college victory because it would split the party and fail the electoral college. Has spoken. So today, I want to congratulate President elect Joe Biden. The president elect is no stranger to the Senate. He's devoted himself to public service for many years, said a majority leader, Mitch McConnell, urging his fellow Republicans not to challenge the electoral votes. When Congress moves to certify the election for a Joe Biden yesterday, electors met and all 50 states. So as of this morning, our country has officially President elect and the vice president there, Ugo and he also said he had some kind words for the VP. Beyond our differences, all Americans can take pride that our nation has a female vice president elect. For the very first time. Be honest with you. It kind of feels like the GOP is already turned its back on Donald Trump. Yeah, does already feels like they have. Yeah, and just a handful of that has been speaking out, so you know, but but, yeah, it feels like the GOP has already moved on. I mean, you know, we talked about a lot yesterday. A lot of people just don't feel that this is over and maybe in some respects, it's not. But I think there's also something healthy about eventually. We all have to move on whatever. It's gonna be Sure we've got the midterm Elections going to be very important man. Very important. Maybe more important than ever. This runoff race in the city and the state of George is incredibly important as well. Hey, you could jump in. We'd love to get your thoughts. Your reaction at 51283605 90 reading this morning that Texas A and M is investigating a large case of cheating on line. I guess an online finance classes. It's not a good place to begin your cheating career finance majors. If you start cheating in college on finances, then it makes it difficult for you to get a job in the finance community. When you graduate gonna look good on the resume their how good that Aggie ring looks. They're not gonna want to hire you. If you've got cheating in your background and your finance education is gonna be out there. While the Texas Tribune reports faculty notice, students were answering questions just too quickly. University officials there asking students to come forward and admit their guilt, those that do not face suspension and expulsion. Really? You think and him's gonna kick a bunch of students out because they cheated. Really? You think they're going to do that? And pick that scab and make it worse? Really? And do you think people are gonna come forward and say Yeah, I'm sorry. I cheated. Can I do that test again? Come forward or you're going to be suspended or expelled from campus. I'm sorry. I'm missing your point here. What? What? I just don't think they're gonna come forward. Picked the scab. What scabby? You talking just just a and M want to say that they kicked 200 kids off campus because they're cheaters. Do they really want to come out and say that? Well, it looks like it doesn't look good. Oh, no, It's not. Not probably not great for recruiting. Yeah, no, not probably not a great promotional tool one dishing it over now that more people are online education, working from home those kind of classes, you know, I mean, there's a possibility of this. I know, but the thing about that is now if you do pull a move like that, unfortunately, because of where we are digitally, that's always going to be out there. It's gonna be after you. There's no there's there's no hiding that it does tarnish chosen field is not gonna be welcoming it tarnishes, you know Adam's image letter. It does. Do you know what I'm saying? Yeah. I mean, yeah, that's that's not good. That'll haunt you, man. Well, it's just Yeah, it's well. It's another yet another example. How anything digitally, I's gonna be less secure. Here's another example of that There's rampant cheating going on. Well, there could be. I mean, these are individuals these you know these these people were probably cheating and skating through life and cutting corners to begin with right, well universities across Texas nation why they're seeing an increase in online cheating since the start of the pandemic of students. It'll take virtual courses and test remotely, you know, with less supervision. Yeah, already on unusual fall semester, wrapping up the Texas A and M University officials sent out an email in early December just a few days ago to hundreds of students in an online finance class that set off a panic factory reported concerns of cheating on a very large scale to the Aggie Honor System office and after they noticed some students in the class answered online test too quickly. Later, faculty discovered the entire exams posted on a homework help website that has become synonymous with cheaters. Well, maybe this is ah, good thing for the future.

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