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The toll one thirty still clues in between blue bluff road into ninety after an eighteen Wheeler caught fire and the only difference with us is on time traffic dot com we're looking at a very warm day today with partial sunshine and a high of ninety seven degrees than a few patchy clouds around tonight the low of seventy four partly sunny skies once again tomorrow still warm with a high of ninety six then on Sunday will have abundant sunshine it'll be very warm as well with a high of ninety seven degrees from the weather center I'm meteorologist Isaac Longley right to get an outdoor space that makes you proud and offers a stylish place to relax Los is here to help and help you save on everything you need to get started at an attractive new retaining walls your landscape and save with many flagstone retaining wall blocks now ten for ten dollars update your patio furniture and save up to twenty five percent on select patio clearance items for great buys to make your outdoors even greater do it right for less start with lows offers bell for seven seventeen more supplies last will block offer excludes Alaska Hawaii was and he won't think forty seven time Jefferies AL dot priors truth and not coming up at nine o'clock right after the local news mark Willis from the Texas department of transportation is going to join us there are some things happening beginning this evening all weekend long that will affect you if you plan to drive on I thirty five if you live on I thirty five have a business on I thirty five any kind of travel you're doing on the interstate this weekend yeah you you're going to want to take some alternate routes and we're gonna get into the the details of how it's going to affect you the dates coming up at nine oh three Mister Willis is going to join us from the Texas department of transportation Saturdays on I thirty five through the downtown quarter or bad enough well get ready get ready Mike is on the top of don show good morning Mike right heard the firing you had about the trailer parks yes are the mobile home parks you miss one point those trailer parks our protection the protection against tornadoes so if you have those in your neighborhood that's what's going to be taken out by a tornado not your house generally they are I see what you're saying we need more most it was all over we should put out a wire while role of mobile home communities around the city for an attic buffer yeah he's he was trying to make a joke he was yeah.

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