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You're only watching John in a couple of cities. One, of course, better than there was another one added yesterday. Where they're gonna be guaranteed income. Um, you, uh Various people in the city and again even in those circumstances. People who are actually not on some residents of the city. If we haven't of American income from the municipality if you wanna talk about driving home owners of a place like this, okay? Yeah, Well, look, um, there was this old term, I guess you may be the ages. Me a little about American exceptionalism and basically with throwing that in the toilet in my view by saying people will pay you to do nothing. What? What's the incentive for people, especially lower income people to try to perform exceptionally and raise their standard of living. If we're going to just pay him to stay home and eat fast food and get fat and obese and diabetes and then get on the government health system, it's like they're trying to kill. Long middle class as much as anything and then let me ask you this because I think this whole tax plan is an attack on small business 80% of the workforce in America, For those of you who don't know is employed by a business. Technically defined as a small business. Now, business taxes are going up higher than China's business tax. What do you think about this? Yeah, I think it's almost a guarantee. Put the brakes on this economy. This economy has been growing like crazy power of this economy in the mansion that has continued to grow. Even through all months off, Coronavirus, perpetual scare. Okay, where I mean the damage an enormous particularly, I mean, one good window window on this is coming down restaurant permanently in New York City. In their stunning statistics of the new piece of City journal that over I think the title is the end of the incident, and it really is a focused on New York City. You know what I call my journey? My dear friend, Luis Gil Amino. Hey, and I, along with the restaurant association and no actually brought a lawsuit against Cuomo and de Blasio. On day. Two days later, they reopened it. Go dining at 25%. So it's said, we have to bring lawsuits toe find liberties that we thought were bequeathed upon us on birth, but certainly in America call you a great I'm sorry. The Orangemen got knocked out of the added a March madness. But we got to have you back Brother. You were great. Thanks like call Schramm from Syracuse University and Entrepreneurship Guru, author of growing the Business plan. Um And he's on on national Bunsen Burner Day. See Meilan, Throw your business plan on the bunch of Brian, Get rid of the whole thing, they quick break. We'll come back right after this. Receive a $5 rebate by trading of any non contact thermometer toward an ex urgent temporal scanner purchased at any retailer. With covert continuing to spread. Nothing matters more than having an accurate thermometer that's backed by.

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