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I don't know what we're gonna get out of Damon Arnett. Yet He showed classes here and there, but he just wasn't on the field enough to really get a good feel for what kind of corner he's gonna be. I think he's talented. I think he can be really good. How does he fit into the system? We have yet to see. And how are the linebacker's gonna fit in? Because you have to be able to cover you know you're covering your covering a third of the field in that middle underneath kind of area. We know little tin can cover but he didn't have a very good season. I don't know that Nicholas Morrow was gonna gonna be that guy to help out. You know, it's just I think personnel wise. They have a lot of holes that they need to fill to really make this defense go. But I do like the fact that you're gonna be able to come in and kind of simplify things. For the back into that defense in the secondary, because that's where they need the most help. A Sephora's getting lost out there and just go you're taking and your overall grade of the Raiders finishing up with that eight Nate season. Oh, I think we talked about it before very disappointing because for a second year in a row, they had a horrible second half of the season. A lot of it was due to the defense as far as the Gus Bradley higher goes, I don't know if I didn't see the press covers. I don't so I don't know if it was a dress, but I guess he may not have been in the running to be the head coach. With the charges because the charges are a very attractive team, and the defense was one of the reasons why they were relatively competitive in all those one score game, So I guess the fact that he didn't there are apparently was not under consideration. For it is something that works to the benefit of the Raiders going to a team within the division so clearly two games against the Chargers next year he's gonna have Ah ah, lot of knowledge that should help the Raiders and we should see some better defensive performances and Matt touched upon Ah, lot of the fundamental and technical Advantages and strength and weaknesses that Gus Bradley brings. His obviously proved himself in. Seattle didn't have as much to work with in Jacksonville, but nonetheless, I think it's a good hire. And I would expect that the defensive improvement that many of us expected to see this year will be seen next year, especially if there's AH lot more stability as far as offseason moves go, compared to what there was less Dog season when there was a significant change, which is very often it's a good thing, but sometimes the changes take when you have as many changes they had. It takes a season for all those adjustments to work out all those changes to work out, and I think Gus Bradley is coming into a very good situation and again, you're getting you're getting a coach who strength is whose background and strength is the current weakness of the team is inheriting. Vegas, Sandy 7 11 read his stuff in gaming. Today. It's at the sports books on Wednesday mornings, It's dropped off there, and he has good does ah, lot of different articles. At least he has been and will continue through the MBA season and up on until when baseball starts as well, Mac a terrorist at sports adrenaline. You can follow Matt that way, Matt your take on some of the guys that you expect to be back, and then we saw some late season..

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