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And he's like what what do you do good. I'm like it short him right away twenty and major league ready we you drafted like three hundred and then I'll say dude I remember this drill where we just had like Aegis backup ten feet each time like ten feet through as far as hard as you can for as long as you can't yeah and once you get tired you go back ten feet further and I remember people like giving up. Do you just throw a little bit and then so I do it and I go further back and I was like and then we did like this drill where we would fly balls. I see how high you could throw it. He really liked that one. He goes how does that make sense to you. In on my own somewhere some time in my life coach told me to do that and you know you're now fielder so you throw fly boss to yourself and throw them as high as you can. As far as you can't get to anything dude. I have fuck in a private coach trainer and nobody's ever done. I'll probably doesn't work. It's working man like you have that that good of an agile remember like he's he's just a couple of people had let the homeless were like what the fuck like. You're playing catch remark sophomores either senior yeah I don't no you want to play Canada. I guess all my arm I throw mounted second and everybody was like I can't believe you through that. Wow expand and I'll say I wanna just because he's running all your average to reflex and so like like two days later. They're like a like whoa that drill. You were talking about like what tenterfield now's like which one like you're throwing fly balls to yourself and I'm like Oh yeah like just throw as high as you can but somewhere where you think you might get it right. You're going like fucking from ricefields lie for take your amy it through like Senator Yeah. I'm a catch that ball you start running and then they're like the funky let's try and then they were trying to everybody was training right and I already knew I was doing right so I would like just sprint as fast as I could and then turn and look and these guys are like amazing atrocity pretty far so fucking far and shit. I goes really taught to throw it line but so when you're doing this rain within oh a really high up the the timeline by the time you start running like behind like I was getting too. I knew how far I should forget it. You know not that I was fast. Either born could do that. Yeah I thought that for and I'll get to these were throwing can missiles and either going to get to it until you're pretty good. I was like I'm not that good. Now people do to this day. I'll tell you I was slightly above average. You know like I was good enough to start good enough to play but I wasn't like yeah. I you really playing too much on when I was in dude four yeah start playing organized base I I I I was you know my grandparents really you know make sure that I played you know <hes> I guess yes because they've seen me time in the front yard and their yard you know with the and I was playing with the older guys throwing harder. You know what I mean and I was always in the backyard like just throwing up there. They have a brick wall to do. I just hit one in square work on my my accuracy he and <hes> and then also get the ground. We'll see how I I was. An infielder told me I didn't have the arm for I get up in Ozzy's episode but I'm not sure which part but I I forgot about it but I was a second baseman 'cause I didn't have an arm and then when we got to high school you know I was always the second baseman just because my height and everything you're not big you can't play short you don't have the rain traits and so so then what I couldn't be second base but I think Ozzie and earning myron little Ernie we'll now bigger and he to shout out to look in. They were second base right so they oh fuck Zombie like third string second basement grinding. They were better than yeah and so then they're like like you're pretty good outfielder though and I remember being like <hes> the Shitty kids go to the outfield. I don't WanNA play outfield. I remember my coach will I do. This isn't little these kids out. Oh here I can remember. There's nobody behind you like the ball gets passed. You like there's no backup. I'll get past the shortstop. You're there to help them yeah. The ball gets passed you like that's an inside the and so he i remember he gave me the confidence. Okay you talked about <hes>. It's important like every position on the even field even told me right feel feel like when you're little I guess they wanNA throw the kids that don't know too much yeah yeah right but when you're older you understand how important how important it is show Roy was one of the best rightfielder hefty and everything down. He has made with those sophomore year you I don't think he wanted adequate but I know he was down because <hes> me and the Homey Mexico that even talk about like we were fighting for center and then you know we would like one game. He was center then I was left and then once I was left out dude Mexico's. I was a little faster than me. I told Wilson that he's faceting me. I'm not telling you he's going to beat me in this position but we're switching off. I'd rather be in left field because that's my position you know I I know where I had to play with. The hitters yeah yeah and then and <hes> I remember Roy was like dude. I'm in right field. Nobody hits this way and then we played a royal and they had like six left and they hit like ten. You don't get that many balls and no no how can ready ready the play balls and he was catching everything throwing people at firs time it was shining. He was ready Bro. I remember telling my brew like I can't do that. Shit like I'm all righty like I can't. I don't have Ed fucking natural catchy glove hand already like the yeah if you're fucking are right handed thrower. You're coming in you. GotTa go across your body to throw a lefty. You're catching and as you're. Moving forward crow hopping Yakov your fucking coming already what the throw and I can't make those players and close right yeah. I'm probably GONNA have a one like in the next few you do man and we remember telling him and he was like I'm pretty good. I'm a dude you're stuck in. It and I told him what the cody had grabbing. Yes yeah what I told him sophomore year what my coach told me the freshman year like this isn't literally at the ball's GonNa find you remind mind you and it's just a trip because like now a few people have told me that hey do next year. I'm getting a team. I heard you talking about like outfield drills and you want to coach. I'm right now. I see right now. I can't so I wanNA say yeah because I don't know where my life will be in fucking six seven months. I'm a let me try to take everything I can in my life so that I had those afternoons off I would love to be out there. I'm not not the main courtrai like hitting is not all that great. I can hit and not very well yeah yeah. Well let me if I can help hope you ought I will. I'm not gonNA play anymore. Yeah go out there and teach his kids some of the things that made me fucking mar goodbye started like a player part of the team. I'd love to do that. You know pay it. Forward coaches might be a great assistant coaches. Some of these kids like fuck yeah. I don't WanNa say yes and then back out. Let's leave it out there and hopefully we can. That'd be dude that he said you left it. Remember you being fucking bad. Maybe coaching could be something he could do no actually i. I did coach a little bit on as an assistant coach so I never took full-time head coaching job because it's just a lot of work and shout out to all the coaches man yeah growing up like the flu is believed in me so much more than I probably even believed to myself like even to. They have my friend that I grew up with his demand. You were bad as I thought you were going to go far like I used to you and I used to throw hard and he he picked varsity mom view and that's how I knew about Mark Robinson because Mark Robinson played on by his <hes> who know March Cobo okay. I he us why grow but he was a very good pitcher. He used news pitching there before we got high school. Okay okay cows not <hes> I don't know if you know <hes> Hernandez he plastered all these guys were there prior to I do and is the third baseman short or was he victor's brother. Do you have a younger brother Yeah. He had a younger out the victor. I think <hes> I forget what his younger brother name was but he's right now he's into craft beer ran out what his name is put on and no Janowski ever remember knowing the like the younger ones when I got yeah so yeah they got there. They were fucking stack yeah. No they want. They got close. They got close yeah and <hes> yeah. I mean Mark Robinson. That's how I found out about Mark Robinson <hes> he was <hes> yeah. I mean everybody's talked by well. He's probably the only black guy in school. It's time you know what I mean but <hes> he he was at bury letting you know and he fucking Coruna was based there leadoff hitter you know what I mean and he pitched yeah okay. We'll switch hitter center center fielder like I mean you know <hes>. When I went to <hes> uh-huh I was my last year? Majors on each is when I like playing center field like I loved it like I never want to play the outfield ever I was always like pitcher catcher Sick Bay shortstop but then I got to doing fucking view then I liked it I backed up the left and right foot because they weren't too good like I said all right all right and <hes> yeah and and and <hes> folks I lost my train of thought you were playing center field. Yeah I was thinking all and then like they will call in and they would want me to play <hes> <hes> <hes> catcher and all. I don't want to catch anymore. They now need you play catch it. 'cause you know how to stop the balls in. You know you're not afraid to stop them like there's people that were looking away. You know like the basketball back swing swing people closer is like that and you knew how to move around and maneuver back there but I was now but that's a lot of work..

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