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Time I. Steve Schneider. Came over to my apartment in. Hollywood. He came up with a couple of Guys Greg? Summers. Jamie Cassia there? And eat other to the Dorset UK right before they showed up. I told my roommates I had some guys for Bible side forgot to tell my roommates I was going to have a Bible, study. disinterested. I. Was trying to be father were anything but when I told them to like do she'll much though Oh my God literally reaching for their Croat's. Knock in the door of. Their. I and I opened the door. There's Stephen. There's you know like I said a couple of guys. And Greg's got this At this A Brown paper bag filled with various amen we got some beers you're gonNA. Why will study you guys WanNa Steve Watson goes you guys want to hang out and that's the beers with us. Vital. And all my my roommate suddenly they put their Kopech well, yes, we can stay for thousand. And my roommate stayed there for a it was a one or two hour Bible study, and at the end you know we had a few beers each and they were. They were still there I couldn't believe it. That's Fine they didn't WanNa, do it again, but it was just. As one of those, I couldn't put that I. Wish they would have put that into the sale. I would've loved to stay that like see their faces and you know what their reaction was Outta. Love that. Things like that have happened quite a bit. Weird. Things. He is You'd never you'd never think he just never thinks. Things, like that will happen you. But that was that was a good one. But what impressed me about that meeting was Steve started talking I. I believe mostly about the kingdom to be set up. And that was on the back of their car in the back of their car. They had all this religious scripture and most that scripture was about the kingdom be set up in Israel. Zeon be specific and just about every profit talked about this events and each province has about chapter where they talk about it a few almost chapters you put it together you get a bigger picture of that event. That's what David and Steve Kerr Do. That's what the group was good at. But what really impressed me was was when Steve opened his Bible in one of those one inch margin bibles. Buck and then every page has inch margin and every page of his. Had cross-references was pencil color coded. And he would turn the page and there were every page was fill. Every page I saw was filled with notes. So and that was pretty much from genesis to revelation. In, my mind I need a lot of work into this and that's what impressed me. So there wasn't a charisma thing for me. It was a knowledge thing was the fact he put so much time and effort and understanding what the book release said. Yeah. They weren't just out there. They knew what they were talking about and they had studied it and yeah. I I had read that they even did they go to another country..

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