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One twelve on WTOP welcome in this early aren't worried that the U. S. department of labor has released new guidelines for meat packing and processing plants now the guidelines say that employee should be spaced at least six feet apart and screened before they start working they also recommend that workers wear face coverings all of the time the CDC centers for disease control and prevention finds apparently the parents who fall behind in their kids vaccinations often fail to catch up and some parents are apparently skipping these appointments because of coronavirus concern listed that make is scary and it's even scarier when you have a young infant mom Jennifer John Pierre of upper Marlboro know some parents concerned about corona virus are skipping kids appointments we chose to stay on schedule because it's really important three month old deacons vaccinations are up to date you have never know what may have been like if people are not vaccinating the measles are going to be on the rise or walking cough Dr Tony Thompson two terms of TLC pediatrics we need to bring your baby and for their wealth check out assessments and the immunizations Kristy king WTOP news WTLV at one thirteen CVS health is expanding coronavirus testing to about a thousand locations across the country it hopes it says to complete the expansion by the end of may and process about one point five million test a month it says the pace of the expansion depends on how many supplies are available as well as lead capacity itself.

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