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Know could be the week where we were we touch it's it's bottomline target and then you know volatility will be finally ready for a sustained move higher and markets will be ready for sustain move lower and i grows that we obviously we lead weekend know exactly been certainly year you're looking for that so not you know obviously we had a very dramatic rally laid on friday detect anyway from that just that you know we had the opposite condition where the injured indicators a got a very over sold suddenly and they want to rally i didn't really see a whole out of short term price support so where we rallied from did not in my mind it wasn't meaningful support so i think if we get we could get another this week we could get another pull back short term make a slightly lower low and then probably rally with more but yeah friday's friday's bottom didn't really make a lot of sense from my standpoint i mean if you got to came out of nowhere and of course as we luck and and i thought the the euro and the dollar rather whitby lasted to but if you take where from that action well you know the short short term moose with the current season you know you it would been a just i can look at you know the short term diverse short term indicators him to say okay i got over but and had to relieve you know fullback for the for the year owns speaking of and the same thing for the dollar thing over so but i see i still say that euro is is in a viable area for you know medium term move i would still like to see zero move up to one twelve before we consider selling the dollar the dollar still but had lower i'm still looking for you know mid nineties and you know the commercials they're not they're not budging an inch under sure positions in the dollar me know you would expect you know from from the highs around you know mid won all three a's down we did a good done into the the nineties briefly they didn't dating cover i don't think it didn't really cover a single contract so there you know.

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