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And now move the sticks with Daniel, Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks what's up everybody. DJ Bucky back here on move the sticks right now, we'll a wild weekend playoff bite amok, man. I'm good. I'm good. You're the one that has been traveling all over to your your your frequent flyer. Well, if you'd be good news is after going through the chargers game against Baltimore is at this week. It's a shorter trip to New England. So. Anyways. Yeah. A lot of traveling. But I'm getting the good thing is for those. No, no, I do the radio for the charter. So I do the I fly with the team. And so they're comfortable aircraft. Nice set up their buck. I just watched. I watch college kids on the flights. Like, I'm getting a lot of like tape done. It's been productive from that standpoint. You know money. It's gotta keep mayo. Money's they're trying to create conversation be distraction. Like, hey, we're trying to we're trying to work either. We all have that sweet sweet radio money to fall back. Some work. But this are takeaway pot here. Bucky ready? We got eight right Kent. We're just gonna roll with our eight. Yeah. Exactly kind of do the winning team takeaways, and then we'll do the losing team takeaways as well auto works. All right. Let me do a starts off your buck. Yeah. Let's do it. Right. I one Bosa and Ingram dominated shotgun. Snap looking middle of the field under pressure. Fall is stripped sue. Diving there is a strong. It looks like the chargers may have it. We'll see Joxer ball soccer. Not bolts are going to win in Baltimore. And there is Matt money Smith on the call right after that play mentioned Melvin Ingram on if you saw it Bucky Chuck the ball into the upper deck. That's all. I literally nice ball is very ball. Anyways. They would they did in this game. Go back and watch the tape. They found something inside really specifically the left guard James. So you said it WALDO you said it, and then after I felt like I feel like obviously you work for the team. I feel like you're you're like the cat like the cat who ate the canary like all we you've You've been been sitting sitting there there like. like. Some extra DB's, whatever. And then I'm watching the game. And I'm sitting there lay. Ooh. There's a lot of speed on the field. Yeah. Four safeties force eighth. But not only the way they did it. They covered up the guards. They had Derwin James as like an outside linebacker to hit a two guys on the inside shot in the parking lot. And I'm sitting there like, whoa. And they were playing fast. And I think what happened. Obviously the best thing to happen. They got a little taste of it a couple of weeks ago. But I think not even about the scheme the physicality, and I think they turned it up. And I think that was the biggest surprise for Baltimore. Because in that first game, I feel I Baltimore kinda can mash them can ahead their way to move them off the ball. But in this game to charge his head. No parts of that. I was thinking of this from a political standpoint, I'm not I don't get into politics. But I hear this phrase mentioned all the time when when they're getting ready to run for office. And they'll say, well, you know, we don't wanna have just Bush light or that's Clinton light like go get somebody different. Oh to be a lesser version of this person. And I'm sitting here thinking for the charter standpoint like you're going bang with these guys like you want bang With with. these guys forget that. No, we're gonna put speed on. If you were going to beat these guys a spots overly its markets in their fight them. We're gonna run around them. And that's what they did. And I thought what was fascinated is how quick they get into gifts. They moved around. They were angling. They were stunned. You saw the athleticism Melvin Ingram Joey Bosa. But then we talked about to do all year Durban James's, a mosque is awesome..

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