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And just as Bill James came along in the early eighties and people said, well, look at this stuff. I can't leave. Nobody was doing this before. I love it. When I came along in the mid nineties Bill, James wasn't writing the baseball abstract anymore. So I sort of was was blessed with in a sense, new generation of baseball fan who hadn't been exposed to this, they didn't. They weren't there for the ad Strack in early eighties and all of a sudden there's this thing called the internet, and, oh, here's this person who's writing something that nobody else is writing and I kinda like it. This makes sense to me. So to the degree that I was able to reach people in that way, I've always felt very fortunate and yes, gratified. You know, what do you make of those two are still super-resistant. My favorite example of that is a couple years ago hawk Harrelson the White Sox announcer saying the only statistic key cares about is t. f. t. or sorry, TWIT w the whale try win, which is my all time. Favorite statistic. If you've got the TWIT w, what do you make of those people though? Because I think there's a, there's a sort of understanding of people digging their heels in and not liking change. But at some point it feels it's evolved for die as it is with everything else in life. Well, of course. And obviously, when you look at the teams that are successful these days in every sport, they're all rely on antics to some degree. It's it's a question of how much, but all you have to do is read a book about the. Twenty sixteen cubs or the twenty seventeen Astros or the twenty seventeen Philadelphia Eagles. Whomever it might be the using. Forgot forgotten to to know that how big a part of the all the sports analytics has become. And that's why easy to innocence dismiss at that. That's that. That sounds more pejorative than I mean it to, but to dismiss sentiments like hawk Harrelson or Jim caused or John smoltz's or whomever they are in a sense dinosaurs, hey, look into the pejorative, but you know what? I love hawk Harrelson. He's one of my favorite broadcaster because I love the other things he brings to the table. So it was different twenty years ago when. That was actually the the consensus opinion. And then they felt like the enemy innocent and I resented those sorts of people and I didn't. I never done it hawk I was like talk, but that that sort of mindset I resented. It felt like they were trying to keep us in the past, and I knew we couldn't stay in the past, but they were trying to and itself, frankly, in a sense personally insulting to me and I was insulted not to my face, but I, I would be referenced in public as someone who didn't understand baseball didn't understand. People didn't, you know all whatever. Right? And so this was actually a personal thing for me back then, but now it's not because the battle is over, there is no fight in your. Yeah, that's right. I, I don't think I don't think of it personally that way. I think that the people who actually put the teams together, you know, the the, the Jeff loon os and the THEO Epstein's and the Bill James is people actually were in the arena a actually in the business of winning games. Those people one, they actually one they have. They have ws and they have world theories ring. They won. I was just an interested bystander for the most part, but that that those battles are largely largely finished. I wouldn't say that I feel sorry for hawk Harrelson or you know, the people like him who don't really buy in, but they're their analysis has become irrelevant. And yes, they still speak to a certain segment of of of of fans, but that that segment is growing smaller by the day. So we were just talking about this the other day in terms of gambling and the new rules on gambling, allowing the conversations on the air to be different than. They used to be instead of sort of the nod, nod, wink, wink. We can be outright about whether something beat the spread or or whatever else, but there are a lot of people myself included who are gambling novices, who are barely dipping tone, the water..

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