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Human beings are fallible. That is me. They're never wrong that doesn't mean they don't have things to apologize for your legitimately angry. But when you get to the point that the resentment is so grounded that you see giving them the benefit out. You can't bring yourself to find out empathetic -ly, why they might see a situation differently than you didn't fulfill the need that you had that you expected from them when the resentment is so set in that the benefit out ceases, and you, and you just want that narrative to be reinforced, you're describing this on a cultural level and this happens when one or both parties either are not interested in coexisting anymore or just don't think that it's possible. Right. I think you hit on something it used to be that we or at least maybe I'm romanticizing the past. But it seems to me that we used to at least have the same goals in mind. We thought we have you know, we saw problem with different ways of trying to fix that. Problem poverty. Whatever it was an we we went about it in a different way someone in more government someone at lesson. So on I think today, we don't even view the same things as problems where the right might say, we have a illegally coming over the border is, you know, that's a problem we need to fix in some way in the left says, let's break down those walls and let anyone who wants to come over. And I'm sure that they see things, you know, other topics in the issues in the reverse. So that's a big problem. Because now you have to separate narratives two separate ideas about what America should be about two separate ideas about what we should be dealing with. So when you see gridlock in congress. It's not something that's contrived. You have gridlock in congress because you have to separate sides. Just simply can't come together on anything. Congress supposed to be that. When you can't come together on anything. I don't know where that leads..

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