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Our news this is dte meyer reporting well it goes off this weekend fort pierce bicentennial celebration it continues today the in 10year parade starts at three thirty this afternoon down highway 83 endeavoured avenue from stanley wrote two main and then upper highway eighty three the land begins a between sale born road and stanley road four pierre mayor gloria hansen says only historic non motorized entries will be allowed in their bicentennial parade this afternoon there are horse wealth stage coach is obviously that are that are horsedrawn and there's a fire wagon an antique fire wagon this horsedrawn it would allow there are about i think 45 entries in the parade plus a couple of hundred outriders on horse on horseback and then the twos to the school the anz kids carrying flags and and so it's it's this can be a fun parade bicentennial organizer chris maxwell says lineup for the parade starts at three o'clock this afternoon organizing coming together in the regular spot where they were they start off for the fourth of july parade in the know all that same route and come through town and then i'll depraved will officially end right at the stanley county high school aarp tori a parking lot there then and then people will proceed directly over to the expo center for the sake feet that'll be gone on which is fifteen dollars for the stake feta them we'll go right into the proclamation of events that will be starting at six thirty a by the way kcc our country 95 three and capital city rocks britain at their annual and make less rates are going to have coverage other parade right here on twelve forty a m today's kcc proceeds from their stake cry by the way will benefit the hayes fire department stanley county buffaloes homecoming game versus borbridge pollick will take place at only williamson field starting at.

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