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By going to balance of nature dot com and make sure to receive this special radio offer by using discount code W. O R. You're sure? W what War Weather channel forecast. It's going to be on the warm side. The rest of the week. Looks like it's dry Most of the time. We can't rule out a couple of scattered storm chances by Friday. Especially well, CIA mainly clear sky Tonight for the most part, can't rule out maybe an isolated thunderstorm. Alone ER 70 Sunshine mid eighties. Tuesday Wednesday, partly sunny, a loner 70 highs in the low eighties. Meteorologist Mark Thibodeaux from the Weather Channel on 7 10 W Whoa are miss report is sponsored by express pros dot com Looking for an easier way to find your next job. It's time to get to know express employment professionals. Is it express pros dot com to find one of over 830 locations to help support your workforce needs and by Del Power your passions during Dell's cyber savings event with the $400 off stunning tech like X P. S laptops and alien wear systems redefining what's possible, with 10th Jen Intel core processors. Save on electronics, plus free shipping on everything I asked for Intel when you call 1 800 by DEL 87 degrees right now and TriBeCa. Next update at seven o'clock breaking news at once. Start today with Land Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning. Six Till 10 weekday mornings. I'm James Flipping on 7 10 W. O R, an NBC news radio station. Who couldn't use an extra 1000 bucks right now, grab your phone now. Because 7.

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