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Of Shaver Lake in Fresno County, 49% contained The state has set a new record this fire season with four million acres burned. Cal Fire says That's by far the highest total of acres burned in any year since the agency started keeping records in 1933, and of course, the fire season is far from over this year. I'll fire cautions the risk is still very high. Barricades went up over the weekend along a scenic route in the Oakland and Berkeley Hills in an effort to reduce fire danger. As KCBS reporter Holly Kwon tells us, it's been as people playing with fireworks continue to use the turnouts along Risley Peaks Boulevard. Those turnouts that offer panoramic views of the bay are off limits after the sun goes down, but that's one officials say they get popular with people hanging out drinking and setting off fireworks. Over the weekend, U. C. Berkeley, which maintains the Berkeley side of Grizzly pig placed huge eucalyptus logs and yellow caution tape across seven turnouts. And today on the Oakland side chain link fences will go up on two more to keep people from hanging out amid the dry brush, not a matter of if it's a matter of when we've already had upwards of 8 to 10 fire since June, 1st Oakland fire spokesman Michael Hunt says This is a road that serves as an evacuation route. So it's not feasible to shut it down, even though they did over the fourth of July, so they have to Concentrate on deterrents like fences and enforcement. Oakland police spokesperson Jonah Watson will be focused on nightly that's typically when we received the calls about bonfires. Illegal fireworks were still at the height of fire season. The deadly 1991 Oakland Hills fire that destroyed over 3000 dwellings.

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