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It's radio, celebrating the connection with our pets. We'll go back to the phones are just a couple of seconds. Go ahead. Write this number down. It's one, eight, six, six, four zero five, eight, four, zero five. And you can talk to Dr Debbie. You're Joey Villani and just a couple of minutes right here on animal radio. Our next guest like me has a lot of titles and jobs, you know, for me, I kinda co host this show as you know, kind of top. Yeah, yeah. And then of course, after the show I have to clean the bathrooms around animal radio pick up the animal way it. Yeah, so that includes a human bathrooms. And of course I'll litters and everything around here, and then I usually have to run and get coffee and food for everybody here nuts. I, I have a lot of work that I do hear our next guest. Russ Kennedy. He's the airport response coordination centre duty officer. He's also the assistant airport security, and he's part of bash what is bash you say that's bird and wildlife strike. Hazard team, and we welcome him to the show. This is Russ Kennedy. Hi, Russ, how are you doing? Well, sir, how you doing today? Very good. Thank you very much for taking time out of your job to talk with us. You're in West Virginia, right? That's correct. We're in downtown Charleston, Charleston, West Virginia. And you work at the airport over there? Correct. Yeager airport. And you are responsible for, I guess, getting rid of birds and wildlife off the runways so that planes don't hit them or get them sucked into engines or caused accidents? Pretty much. Right. That's correct. Yeah. And you have a partner, a brand new partner to help you? I believe it's a dog. It is. I have a currently. We have a four year old border collie named Greg. Uh-huh. And he is here from a company out of North Carolina called fly away. Geese fly away. Geese Greg is here. Basically, he's teaching me how to do the job while we await our full-time order. Who's a year and a half, and his name is Hercules named after the c. one thirties that share the airfield with us with the thirtieth airlift away. Okay. So explain what is Greg's job and what will Hercules job. Basically, his job is just as you said he chases the the wildlife off the airstrip to keep from having any issues getting ingested into an aircraft or or striking possibly a windshield or or anything else that would create, you know, damage to the aircraft or a danger to aircraft or the passengers on the commercial airlines. Greg is a border collie. So does he just roam freely around their strip? I mean, how does that work? Not not really. Basically what we do is we have a vehicle that Greg rides in and we'll go out in the airfield and we will look for animals. He is trained in the aspects of the same as border collie, which would would herd sheep. We have specific commands that we can give him out on the airfield to push animals left right forward. We use them to run geese off of a local park. That's right in the. The flight path, but down the hill from us that they have a pawn that the geese and ducks will congregate in and we'll use them down. There will put him in the water. He actually loves to swim. We actually LAN went down this morning and and harass some peace and basically the commands we give him we can..

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