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Have to pay because he got injured off site. If you get injured away from the facility or not in the field of play, you don't get paid for your injury. And so the NFL sent out a memo. Hey, guys, just say, you know, little reminder. Maybe you want to be at the facility. And the P A. Got so angry about this saying that's a scare tactic and that now there's gonna be a war. And wouldn't this be amazing if this was the spark that lit the fuse? That set this whole thing on fire. I hope it's not obviously let's hope that football does not have huge labor strife. But this is both sides flexing and I have to say I side with the league here. If you are the union and you're saying with the league shouldn't be flexing on this, and everybody knows this rule anyway. Well do they does every one of your players understand? That if they get injured, working out on their own At the at the high school field that they're running on or at their home gym or at their whatever their crossfit place down the road or whatever do they realize that any injury suffered there even while working out? Does not get them paid because my guess is there's a bunch of players that saw this Juwan James Story said. Oh, crap. I should think about going to the facility now. So I'm siding with the league here because this is collectively bargained. They don't have to do anything That's not legally in their contract, and they're reminding everybody. Yes, maybe to scare tactic as well. But do you want to earn your cash for getting injured? You should get injured here. Well, we're watching you. So I said to the lead on this book says our headlines, Mr Boggs, what we got. We got Albert pool host today We knew the end was near. Just not this near the Angels desert him for assignment yesterday. Once he clears waivers in three days, he'll be a free agent pools, hitting just 1 98 in the final season. That 10 Year $240 million contract. Here's Angels GM Perryman Asi it explaining This is more about Obviously it has direct has a direct effect on Albert. This was more about your Walsh playing the right position showing Otani being in the lineup on a daily basis. I mean for us now and moving forward. We feel like that's You know the best best club we have. Walsh will play first base every day. Otani will d h as much as possible. The Angels then went out and lost again last night, their fifth in a row 83 to the Rays Tampa Bay. Meanwhile, on a five game win streak, the Blue Jays said yesterday that George Springer will likely need more than 10 days to recover after aggravating his quad injury. Springer's back on the aisle After playing four games and getting hurt again. The vomit inducing quickly pay is the 1st 1st round pick the signs contract this spring. The Michigan defensive end will count $2.4 million against the Colts cap for the coming season. Steph Curry and the Warriors into the whim and they got it against the thunder. Fremont Green.

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