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It's in collaboration with the Arizona State Library, archives and public records. Almost Americans are counting on Social Security to be there when they retire. Now, AARP wants to know what President Trump is doing to make sure it is. A recent poll shows Americans in every political party think Social Security is a key source of economic stability in retirement 93% of Republican and 99% of Democrats Social Security as an important government program. AARP Arizona State director Dana Marie Kennedy says the group is asking present. And Trump how his plan to eliminate payroll taxes would affect Social Security. Does he mean also eliminating Social Security payroll taxes? Trump said that his recent executive order deferring the payroll tax will have no impact on Social Security. Bob McLay, Katie our new T a R News time 7 37. Here is detoured and again from the Valley Chevy dealers traffic center like in your chances right now, if you're going to do a Westside community, only freeway really throwing anything at you is the eastbound I can. There's been flowing from just east of 75th Avenue all the way into the stack interchange. I think there's a snag and I just don't have a camera. Really heavy. Just approaching this stack interchange. I'd be cautious. You're just approaching Heavy, slowing 20 minute ride at the moment from the one the one in the 51. I'm still looking for more their stuff out 17. You're going to add a couple of minutes from the Durango curve in the Central Avenue. That's a 15 minute ride from Peoria to the 10 split, Not a very deep crash list, though, but a serious Rex eastbound 16 year Peralta Road, stay right restriction and erect in the clearing stages at McClintock at US 60. This traffic report brought to you by Gateway Community College make occupational therapy assistant happened at Gateway Community. College courses start August 24th visit Gateway C c E D you America for Community College intern and Hot Hotter Well, All right, we're going to cool off a little bit. 1 13 today 1 13 Tomorrow we do have a slight chance of rain today. But by Thursday we're 1 12 by Friday 109 degrees overnight lows, though still having around 90 or so your weather is brought to you by Howard Air. Whether replace a repair call Howard Air from the Katie. Our business center. 2020 has been a record shattering year for the Arizona Lottery Lottery says combined sales from instant win and draw games have total just under $1.1 billion. This has nothing to do except sit at your house and play the lottery, right? Additionally, Ah lottery sales generated more than 74. A half million in retailer commissions across the state paid out more than a billion dollars in prizes, including those were close. Yeah, A lot of people don't want to go. I still need their fix, right, sit at home and scratch. There You go that by the way, those billion dollar surprise includes June's $440 million Mega Millions jackpot. Right now. On Wall Street. There is some winning going on. But it's not on the Dow 125 points with the Dow is down right now, about a half a percent. The S and P is down about five points. NASDAQ Up. Ah, little bit Well, just call it a meager three points. For more money news, visit the business center at dot com News time is 7 39 Mike Broom headed mornings We're going to find places we disagree. You confined disagreement and mutual respect at the same time, and we need it now, more than ever more than ever.

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