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Attack this single building fire that broke out around noon yesterday mindboggling my modeling and now they're all extremely nice people that's witness Barbara Greg talking about the workers and business owners displaced by the fire completely destroyed were law is slow restaurant super cuts kitchen and things and the former Coleman jewelers now octo designs for a big bowl restaurant also suffered smoke and water damage everyone inside all businesses got out safely only one firefighter was hospitalized that was just for minor injuries that's very good news considering at the height one hundred fifty firefighters were on scene in Ballard Corwin Hey call more news and a go fund me page in support of the damaged Ballard businesses has already raised over ninety three hundred dollars established by the Ballard alliance that fundraising page says local small businesses are the backbone of the Ballard neighborhood in the loss is felt by the Ballard community the efforts it hopes to raise twenty five thousand dollars eventually police in gig harbour asking for help to solve an assault against a woman while she was jogging it happen on the Cushman trail early Sunday morning she was approached from behind and grow there's a lady from a predator in our community we want to identify that person we want to solve this crime the woman was able to turn around and get a good look at her attacker before running home to call police he was said to be in his thirties stood about six feet tall and had an average build I would think this is like the most safest area to be the most of the time we see crimes like this are rare indeed harbor encourage walkers and runners to be in pairs or stay in a group if possible Kerry something to communicate with like a cell phone and always be aware of your surroundings something posters friend carries with her all the time she doesn't plan to be back into the woman's attacker is caught in is usually quite a few people I noticed today that worries me people in the garbage to bicker police in the eager all harbor are helping for your are asking for your help in is a sketch of the suspect you can find that at komo news dot com a large tree fell on a house in Lakewood yesterday and this young mother was inside if I had just been a couple feet over like I would've been hit by debris from the house and you know my daughter could have been hit so I just feel like I was watching over us the tree about a hundred feet tall three feet in diameter people concerned about someone they love caught up in opioid addiction can now print out a stating the locks on prescription on the Washington department of health website that's the overdose reversal drug couples calling Johnson with more statewide standing order to dispense the locks on can be printed out and taken to a pharmacy instead of having to go to a health care provider to get a prescription Washington state department of health also has a list of organizations who use the order though some pharmacies are providing it without a prescription Brad find good with Seattle king county public health go to stop overdosed on org they'll be pointed to a pharmacy to pharmacy that they can okay no lock on and many insurances cover at with very little to no out of pocket something else they have now at the needle exchanges are phenyl test strips drug residues dissolved.

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