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And everything he does is right and there are two different columns both in the washington post that deal with this idea of chaos in the white house now of course all of this echoes what a failed candidate for president jeb bush who by the way is somebody that i do like admire jeb bush said that donald trump was a chaos candidate and he was there was always dramatic stuff ups and downs and backs and forth just look at the way that he handled the question of obama's birth certificate he spent a long part of the campaign sticking with his previous narrative that nobody knew where obama was born and then sort of toward the end of the campaign he did a press conference over a trump hotel you may remember where he said well he's now convinced president obama was born in hawaii and the question was what had changed how did he become convinced of that never mind he was convinced the the question here is how does chaos work for the president there's a piece in the washington post by greg sargent with the headline the chaos president threatened severe damage to the gop and the country and then there's a piece by michael gerson that says all this chaos is a sign of trump's confidence now this from a former aide to president bush has been very very critical of president trump up till now how is chaos a good thing one eight hundred nine five five seventeen seventy six i know that like lots of other people i'm i'm at work right now but i'm going to be god willing going home this afternoon friday afternoon and when i come home in the afternoon when you come home from work let's say you're a woman and you're you're working and you're coming home from work and you all of a sudden see you left your husband say in charge of the kids and having to deal with the duties of the household and you come home and you'll find at one kid bleeding somewhere something has happened you not clear what there's some broken glass on the kitchen floor the refrigerator is wide open and a bunch of the food is spilled out on the floor the dog is missing and his run away and and there is a police car in the driveway with flashing lights and meanwhile you come up through the door and your neighbors the.

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