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A hundred percent of donations go towards helping these heroes and what they do either they really rehabilitate existing homes and they do it with convenience and live ability based on the particular injuries of the vets and their families that they're working with for example somebody's blind or maybe there in a wheel chair these homes are custom made for them they build new homes they rehabilitate all homes a doubt I got to say he's a real hero the guy and the polls have been running this sixteen years founder CEO and has never taken a penny or only ask for is if you can whatever you can give just go to building homes for heroes dot org they customize these homes for these injured vets and they're doing amazing work I am with this part of my year and giving I donate to them as much as I can and if you do it your helping great people they give us our freedom every day and if you donate a lot as a corporation or individual you get a shout out on the program I will list your name on Hannity dot com of the name of your business just go to their website building homes for heroes dot org all right as we continue our posters John McLaughlin and Matt tower with us all right so they're going to have this trial a Suman January okay does that continue the bleeding and and have a they manage that now is we're heading into the Iowa caucuses New Hampshire primary in South Carolina and who do you guys see winning on the democratic side John McLaughlin on the democratic side if it's absolute chaos right now it's really volatile what you've seen with the Warren surgeon that status in Anders come back up and Eugene Bullard judge have a little moment to but there's really primary going on between which moderates gonna come out ahead and which socialist whether Warren or Sanders will come out ahead and then you've got the minority voter African Americans Hispanics so it's really volatile in the process at all her to Joe Biden because he's the collateral collateral damage in this impeachment scandal because of what he did in Ukraine not what Donald Trump did so what do you think Matt salary how does it check out was interesting you know we're we're beginning to see the the emergence of sort of a Biden on one side and and the the the Warren and Bernie Sanders on the other which course they represent the extreme liberal quote social side of the of the party so as if that continues to merge our theory early on if you remember we talk about this in the spring and summer what's that that there be a consolidation between Sanders and Warren someone would have to have to step aside and then you'd end up having a very liberal nominate now I still have my eyes peeled on the ball Patrick I know he's not been anything yet but I'm suspicious about his emergence because they came from Delaware and I believe that if you have the right support which accompany Obama group it could become a very viable candidate and as a bit of a worry some candidate for the president but that hasn't developed yet so as we stand right now I think where we are is we're looking at fighting continuing to survive I think you'll survive to several primaries but when we get we get further and we're going to see either Warner Sanders take control that left side of the of the of the equation and then the balance would be can can the centrist gets get a candidate or will it be a an extreme at George McGovern type nineteen seventy two nominee which I still believe in the end is what we will see hi guys are official poster Sean Hannity radio show eight hundred nine four one Shawn is a number meant Terry and John McLaughlin thank you both will take a quick break we have an awesome Hannity tonight nine eastern on the fox.

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