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They held down a good pretty offense to just two thirty three as they win at home by thirty one by the way, they started the year out really well offense of -ly until that Maryland game. Really? But I think it was Muhammad Ibrahim who is the the star on the ground for Minnesota. They look really strong good for Minnesota. For a nice bounce back week, Nebraska, fifty four Illinois thirty five you and I are in agreement about Adri Martinez. He is he gonna be ridiculous. Yeah. It's illinois. But he's been good for the past few weeks weeks. Excuse man, was very good against the lion. I actually really. Like Illinois backfield. But that's it there an island in AJ Bush is not a good thrower. But they they have been putting up yards on the ground and good for Nebraska, son abreast. Kaz not gonna go to a bowl. I don't believe they're three and seven, but convince strong, absolutely. And then finally, Indiana thirty four Maryland thirty two Maryland having some trouble here. Paint Ramsey throwing best passes of the day, by the way, Danna really has a nice arm. Okay. Let's go to the big twelve Texas. Forty one Texas Tech thirty four talk about shoot outs in the big twelve. Wow. Now a lot of points in week eleven here on sangria Saturday, Sirius aturday, yes, Texas almost gave this away. They did Sam etlinger through his fourth and most important touchdown pass in dramatic fashion, dramatic fashion. Twenty one seconds left throws up a jump ball to Jordan Humphrey who just goes up and wrestles it away from a defender for a twenty nine yard touchdown. That was enough to give Texas the victory here. We should note that British comedy legend. Alan Bowman did not play this week after staying in the hospital for four nights, Al recovering again from that partially collapsed lung that he dealt with earlier in the year, this meant that jet. Duffy got the call did pretty well for tech. I don't know. Hello vendors at this point who plays quarterback for tech. Yeah. Took a little time for him to get comfortable. He's been thrown into action and beat out and came. Back. He has a really nice game against Texas team. That was pretty decimated by injuries in the secondary nine excuse, and they did make plays when it counts. But did a great job taking advantage picked on the right guys. He goes from five hundred yards through the air, Texas had a very comfortable. I think there are twenty seven to ten at a certain point Texas Tech comes storming back, and I feel the same way about Lil Jordan Humphry as you feel about your Rowenta iron that you also gifted me a love or. Yeah. For my wedding. Which was you know, everybody just needs a really good iron. Yeah. Everybody just needs a little Jordan Humphry. That is just always going to be there for you to iron out all the wrinkles. Right. And make sure you finish smooth little Jordan Humphry is spectacular. And that amazing catch and touchdown dive. I believe was at the same corner of the field as the Michael Crabtree catch. Yes. Ten years fry. Fire so semi continues to be good no turnovers. And you know, they improve Texas improves a little bit on the grounds was very cool to see at least, Texas. Hold on. And God little Jordan's my favorite little, Jordan. I love my role into not a sponsor though. No, not a sponsor. I know how much you like it. They could be. Yeah. Love my heavy duty production tie. All right, Texas, by the way, gets Iowa State at home next week, which should be a fun game to provo- at Wednesday, essentially third place battle in the big twelve Isla St. one twenty eight to fourteen the game was never really in doubt against Baylor nother. Great showing Brock Purdy Purdy like a Brock star. Like he's been ever since getting that job. But the notable highlight here for me was the fight that broke out in the third quarter. Yeah. Early on third quarter. I think David Montgomery was pushed way behind the sideline on a run out of bounds. A late hit to say the least. Tempers flared a little bit their tempers flared a couple of plays later, which included I believe I want to get this..

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