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So what happened when when it didn't happen. Yeah I know. The hurricane came on in slapped predicting and They when stuff like that happens they just ignore it. They just pretend like it never happened. They just move on they. Just move on. Because that's that's one of the things I've always been fascinated with. They'll make these great claims of you know it's kind of like the people who predict the end of the world on this day it's GonNa end and then the next day they're like okay. Open your bibles to chapter whatever and it's like life just goes on like as if nothing happened. How is it and you coming from a background of this? At least you know when you were younger what what does a person in this movement. Think of when. They're promised something from their prophet or their teacher or the person who basically says if you do this then this will happen when it doesn't happen one they think and and what. I've seen a few people I've talked to. They basically think oh man that means. I'm not good enough. That means I don't have enough faith. Is that basically what happens? When people don't get their their amazing dreams fulfilled by the false teacher. What happens that's right. Yeah it's their fault Because if you begin with the premise that it is always God's will be healed a person prays for that healing for days weeks months some people for years some people for decades but the healing never comes then. The question is well whose fault is by definition. It can't be God's fallen Bhagat's I gotta be your so guess who's left cheerful. Somebody asked you this when you were when you were young Is that what she is? That how you took it like when this guy said if you go to the Miracle Healing Service and then you leave the next day you know. You're you're still the same. How did how did that affect you at that time? Yeah I did it. It It it threw me for a loop in fact even tried to. I was so expecting it to happen. And then it didn't happen. I even tried to convince myself. Oh a little something happened I I think I think I can. I think I can move my right hand a little bit better now. I was just grasping at straws thinking. Like certainly something happened But of course it didn't you know When when Jesus healed someone in the New Testament it was a full complete total irreversible irrefutable. The whole town was amazed. Yes right and Non Of this stupid psychosomatic stuff that we see from these faith. Ealing charlatans the video that I've seen going around a lot is the guy who who's in in his what he calls evangelism. He's going up to people and saying you know. Do you have one leg shorter than the other light. Yeah and then he makes the thing grow using. I think it's like an old old school. Yeah trick it's an old trick. Yeah huckster have been doing that for for decades. Fifty seventy five years. They've been doing that. Maybe longer. Tons of people follow these. They fall for it. It's a total it's sleight of hand. It's just. He's slowly manipulating the angle of one of the feed. As compared to other one like he'll he'll pull the he'll out a little bit to make it look like it's growing or or even swinging the legs very slowly to to the side and I. There's there's kind of expose videos on YouTube. How he does this. But but it's it's total and so based on the fact that the person want so much to be healed just like you and your experience with well I think my thumbs moving a little bitter. That kind of thing they they just fall into a tight. That's right it's it's so sad when my wife and I when we were expecting one of our sons we have four boys and so I think it was on the fourth one We were expecting boy and one of my one of my wife's friends was asking her Do you want a boy or a girl and wife was like well? It'd be nice to have a girl I have no idea what that'd be like and this woman basically said well. Here's what you do you get you go out and buy a little red dress. You hang it inside of of the room that the kids are going to be the kids room and you just tell God that you want a girl and you will get a girl and we were just dumbfounded. I thought it was a joke. But then now she really thought that this lady in that movement and she was basically saying you can get what you want if you tell God what to do like to me. That's the most offensive part. Yeah we're telling God what to do. He's right that's right it's just. It's it's blasphemous it's crazy. Yeah and here in just in the last few weeks as of this recording you know the the whole Bethel thing with that little girl all of Who died girl? The girl is all over the news where yeah girl at a church. She is and the people in this church. Bethel basically was one of the leaders who said. Let's pray for her that God would raise her from the dead. Yeah so I'm sure you were following. That story what happened there. Yeah this little girl Two years old or so tragically died the girl. Little Girl's mother Callie. I I think I'm saying this right highly. Gall was there last night but Kelly is one of the lead singers on in Bethel music that comes Bethel Church Bethel music so wildly popular these. Yeah and Beth Laura in Redding California okay. So she's one of the leading singers and Bethel music and so since he was kind of in a place of leadership in the church. You know this became a big deal. Her their little toddler little girl died so they started having a series of meetings where they were literally Eddy. They were they. Were not just asking God to raise little olive from the dead. They were actually commanding. All live to come up out of the graving. See this on Youtube video of it. They have this chant. Olive come out of the grave. Come out of the grave in Jesus Name Olive Come. Out of the grave. They're literally it's they weren't humbly asking that I mean he resigned. Twenty-seven pointing man wants to dine in your judgment. If somebody dies I I've never asked God to raise anybody from the death. Yeah you just believe God's word you just believe is already trust in his providence and sovereignty when someone dies their their dad and they go to wherever. They're you know prepared to go but I mean that would that would be weird enough but that they they took it a step beyond they weren't asking God. They were commanding just like Jesus commanded Lazarus come forth. They were doing that to olive expecting it to happened and of course it did. That's tragic you just like first of all that is that is weird. You know for it and so much the stuff that comes out of Bethal. It resembles something more attuned to some weird new age ritual. That happens out in the desert somewhere to some weird stuff yeah And yet this is something that happened this was all over the the American news like PTO unbelievers all over. The world are writing at this. And I'm sure some of our thinking is going to raise this kid or not like. Is this really going to happen? Is it stopped in their mind. Is this stuff really true? And yet here's this I'm biblical group doing a totally UN biblical thing. And of course they didn't get the result. They they wanted because it was the whole thing was just off a million different. Oh Yeah and you just think about the people who were in that church who are wailing and commanding this girl to to rise from the dead and making their demands on God like when it didn't happen what are they thinking so many of them think well something wrong happened. We'RE GONNA go ahead and keep on believing this this stuff but I'm sure a lot of them are like am I in the right place and you know and what what a what a horrible horrible thing and yet this is. The kind of person does the kind of situation you're dealing with all all the time and so so many people here in this conference me included. Just really appreciate the work that you're doing. It's an important work. It's a messy work because when you start getting into people's lives and seeing all these relationships you get a lot of opposition. I'm sure you've had a lot of people who don't exactly love you. Don't exactly has list. We really just appreciate what you're doing again. If you're listening this I would encourage you. Please go to the easiest website to remember for Justin Peters and that's Justin Peters Dot Com. Check out or ORG. I'm glad you're here to direct my error. Justin Peters Dot Org man just an ice. WanNa thank you so much for coming on this podcast and I just wish you. All the best in your. There's a squeaky chair here. Let's it's been dry. I if if we had an a faith that squeak would just begun right if we were heretics at his back. Anyway I just WanNa thank you so much for coming on the show and again if you haven't heard Justin's material yet you gotta get a hold of it and if you have if you're expecting a child don't put a red dress in your closet. 'cause it ain't going to do anything so again. Justin thanks so much for coming Eddie. I appreciate you present you brother. Thank you for your work and I love you guys at living waters and keep it. Keep it up if you've learned anything from this episode or if you've enjoyed this podcast in any way please give it a good review on itunes. This is the best way for other people. Notice Romans Road and give it a list. The more Christians we have learning about evangelism and the more evangelism taking place the more we glorify the Lord Ray Career. If you haven't yet subscribe to this podcast please take a moment to do so now on your phones podcast. App search for Romans Road and then you find it hit subscribe. It's free by doing so. You'll get all episodes past present and future then when you've finished hit over the living waters dot com for a huge collection of evangelism videos out tracks and resources to help share the gospel. Was those around you. That's living wars dot com. 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