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Vote. Why kids come on outside to the back yard. Look that's your aunt edna right over their own lookout green grasses and grandpa bill. Well he's right here okay. Is it just me. Or is this bill to legalize human composting in colorado. Just plain creepy subjects of my facebook question this morning. Where do you stand on. This human composting bill. Far far away. Eight hundred eight now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten f k dot com northern. Colorado's voice morning. So what do they come up with the stuff from the auto collision specialists studios the something that you would do if a colorado indeed legalizes human composting well. According to a hindi in the denver post colorado is just a couple of votes and one signature away from joining only washington state in offering you the option to turn your body into pounds of soil after death. Now on the plus side uses little energy and would cost about as much as a cremation but it would take some time for funeral. Homes there crematoriums to implement before colorado could actually spread their wealth. But if this entire conversation seems somewhat redundantly familiar. That's because it's come up before it didn't make it through the session. Last year Do to the Shorten session as a result of covid nineteen so sponsors decided to bring it back. They have company and other states as well with california oregon and new york. Also considering human composting this year and one of the bill's sponsors a democratic senator robert rodriguez of denver saying. It's an innovative idea. You think in a state that prides itself on natural beauty and opportunity. Let no opportunity. Go unturned now. Rodriguez interestingly enough. He was raised catholic. And why does that matter in this equation. Well because he said that because of his religious beliefs his faith he believes that it's not necessarily something he might want to do for himself but he believes that we colorado and should have a choice. He's had that other sponsors of the bill said that they have heard from people who are quote excited about the option. Now keep mind. The colorado bill does not allow for the soil swell the greatest nope the soil of multiple people to be combined without consent. If this bill passes the soil cannot be sold and the soil cannot be used to grow food for human consumption now. Some in the post death business are excited to get involved while others. Well they're just kind of keeping their powder dry and holding out for more specifics. Ohlinger funeral cremation cemetery. Crown hill told the post in a statement that it needs to learn more. I think we all need to learn more but believes in the importance of offering choices. The colorado funeral directors association did not did not return requests for comment colorado catholic conference. They said they oppose it because the church quote teaches that the human body is sacred and the dignity of the human person is the foundation of immoral society adding in a statement that there's just not enough research on what the practices will do for health and safety now. The company recompose offers human composting in washington state. Already and it does so at something. They refer to as a natural or ganic reduction facility out. this is pretty similar to crematory founder. Ceo ono her name truly is katrina spayed. Well she dug up the idea after learning about green burials and decided. She wanted to similar option. That could save space in urban environments. So a friend of hers apparently told her farmers have been composting livestock carcasses for several decades. So she thought well if it can be done for livestock. Why not humans because it's not right in my humble opinion about you nine seven three five three thirteen ten. drop me. A text thirteen ten k. A text line so apparently it took about ten years to come up with a process that would make a body decompose faster without chemicals. Spayed then went on to explain how it works. I'm not sure we really want to get into those Those details but she said she thinks of it too because apparently they put body crate on and into a vessel over a bed of what chips alfalfa and straw and then these vessels are stacked vertically and there are ten in the facility in washington spade. And i'll spare you something. More specific details spayed says she thinks as it as a hotel for the dead Because that's where the body will stay for about thirty days and greenhouse facility as transferring to into soil recompose employees focus on fine tuning the environment to allow already existing crabs on the body too. Well do their organic work. Apparently the type of composting occurs naturally but recompose his process is accelerated to some degree recompose. Because on to say the process requires one. Eighth of the energy used in conventional burial or cremation also saves one metric tonne of carbon dioxide per person. Really know what to do with this. I just i. I understand options and yeah. I'm all in support of having those options. I mean choices are important particularly when it comes to our eternal resting place. But i don't know it's such a great idea for bodies to become garden soil. What am i missing here. Nice seventy three five three thirteen. Drop me a text on our thirteen ten. Kfi a text line as always if you've been part of our texting family for quite some time. That process remains the same. You can just text away to your heart's content but if you're thinking about joining our thirteen ten. Kfi texting family out a brand new number for you. Nine seven four seven eight thirteen o one and all you have to do the first time used. That number is text to k. f. k. two nine seven hundred four seven eight thirteen a one. But what do you think about this bill. In colorado. 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